WordPress Tips for beginners; ways to publish like a Pro


WordPress is the base of many successful websites on the internet. Some tips and tricks could help you craft your website superior to others.

WordPress powers almost 30% of the websites today. A WordPress professional can develop a wide range of websites using WordPress and create a highly customized website the clients like and a plethora of features as they want. Your enrolment into any of the WordPress Development courses in Durgapur would be your step towards unleashing a pool of opportunities in the IT sector.

Now, when you have decided to join the WordPress family, check out these few tips and tricks to help you craft your career as a WordPress professional. These tips listed here will make your life easier and website better.

Choose your Hosting

For a person working in the software industry, the importance of hosting is not less know. You cannot go live on the internet without a hosting service. Not only that, your hosting service provider supports you with several resources to handle the entire site traffic, avoid the crashes, and boost your site speed. So, find your right hosting plan at the very beginning.

Watch Theme Demos

Before committing to a theme for your site, use the theme demos, or sometimes even give it a trial. The theme of a website forms the base for the design, so it is very important to choose the theme wisely that you like and, more importantly, enjoy using. Select a theme you like and click on the ‘Live Demo’ or ‘View Demo’ and get a view of how it will look online.

Install an SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization has become a critical part of a website’s success, followed by the business. Without SEO, your website can’t rank higher in the search results. Even if you are a real tech pro, you would need a helping hand for your site’s SEO. Installing an SEO plug-in is sure to make your task easier and website much more successful. Most WordPress development courses in Durgapur include a module on SEO also.

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics has proved to be a priceless tool for measuring the success of your site through performance tracking, data recording, and much more. With MonsterInsights, you can install the Google Analytics plug-in that comes with free versions. This lets you view your entire data right from the dashboard. All that tricky information about your business is right at your fingertips with Google Analytics.

Pick your theme carefully

WordPress is known for various themes, and here you have to be picky. You need to look at the quality of the theme. Reading the reviews, select the best one for your project without hesitating to pay for a premium theme. It would also help if you kept in mind that you pick a mobile-responsive theme; otherwise, you may run into severe problems with Google down the lane.

Compress the images

When you compress an image, the file size gets automatically reduced, and you can save your storage and enhance the speed of the site. The speed of a site is the secret to success for a successful website. Otherwise, dead pages come into life when the pages speed up. You always need to remember that both search engines and visitors love the fast-loading site. This is the reason why you always need to compress the images and videos.

Limit Plug-ins

Plug-ins are indeed required to make your website functional, but too many plug-ins can also slow down your site and put the security of your site at stake. Unless you get themes with built-in features, select plug-ins necessary for your site; please do not go by the temptation of picking number themes based on how cool they are, but chose the beneficial ones for your site.

Set up your Gravatar

Using a personalized picture for you helps people to recognize you. Gravatar is the Globally Recognized Avatar that provides a user picture to your account. The Gravatar appears as an image with your author bio, and on leaving a comment, your Gravatar picture will come next to it. You can set your Gravatar from the setting section of your profile just by scrolling down.

Keep yourself updated

To keep the platform safe and secure, WordPress keeps updating its software regularly. Every two weeks, minor updates take place while major updates happen once a month. These are little fixes and twigs that the WordPress community does to fix little bugs. You need not worry about these, while you should check for updates regularly.

Manage all comments

The comment section is a great way to connect with your site visitors who go through your content. This also helps in creating a community on your site. You can enable, disable, or moderate the comments as per your requirement all through your WordPress Admin. This is necessary for increasing your search results since Google crawls comments along with your content.

Keep content clutter-free

Decorating your site with all new banners, widgets, ads, and the like might be a fun activity for you but may not be the same with your readers. When you clutter your site with unnecessary add-ons, you tend to distract your readers from the actual content, and even in worse situations, readers may leave the page soon.

Safety first

Regular updates on WordPress are necessary to keep little bugs fixed. But there are some stronger ways to keep your top priority secure like getting an SSL certificate, backing up your site regularly, and installing a security Plug-in.

Use of Alt text and Title tags

Images are the main ingredients in making a successful site. Images make the site look richer and help highlight the key points, but they also lift the impression of the page. It would help if you remembered to add a title and some alt text to the image while adding it to your site. This is because Google can’t see the pictures but only rely on the alt text and titles.


WordPress works wonders becuase it keeps on changing, growing, and constantly developing, which requires constant learning. WordPress development courses in Durgapur have set modules imparting knowledge on all these big and small tips and techniques that help you become a pro in the field.

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