WordPress: How easy or hard is it to learn?

WordPress is an easy platform and knowing the basics of it is enough to build a website. But to become the best developer, you have to do professional courses on it.

It is easy to learn WordPress, and as a word processor, it is easy to use WordPress. When you start doing WordPress Development Courses in Durgapur, you will observe that it is nothing but a simple matter of getting a hand at using its point-and-click interface. But as you go deeper into the course, you will see that WordPress is a vast course, and it grows and expands along with you, thus allowing you to learn as much about WordPress. Also, it is necessary to know the basics of it; otherwise, you may get confused or frustrated with it. Previously, this platform was most commonly known for blogging, but now it can power a huge variety of websites because it is a powerful CMS (Content Management System). CMS is a platform that allows developers or designers of any skill level to publish content that is formatted consistently to their website quickly and easily. Also, in this platform, no coding or technical skills are required.

WordPress is a customizable and flexible platform. Not only that, it is an open-source platform, and also it is easy to use. The users who have basic technical skills can go with a WordPress background code and customize the code in all sorts of different ways. There is a large community of developers that have grown up around WordPress. The power of WordPress can be enhanced by building and releasing all kinds of add-ons and extensions.

It directly states that everything can be run by you, from personal sites to large eCommerce sites, because WordPress is an open-source platform, huge developer community, and easy to use.

WordPress Plugins:

These are add-ons which extend the behavior and capabilities of your website. So, plugins can handle anything, starting from contact forms and photo galleries to integrating your social media feed and even running membership websites or an online store. You can add something specific via a WordPress plugin if you want to include it on your website. Some plugins will appear in the front-end of your WordPress website, specifically where your visitors will interact with them. A great example of it is the contact form. Other times, behind the scenes, the plugins must be used to handle site security and data backup. In WordPress, there are tens of thousands of plugins available, and also some new plugins are being released all the time.

WordPress Themes:

Another area of WordPress that you should know or you will learn is about themes. Themes are the main part of WordPress as it controls all of the design elements of your website. So WordPress website’s theme controls everything from fonts, colors, stylings, page layouts, and more.

Now the question is, what are the themes? It may behave like templates — Your answer is here. You can simply install a new theme in WordPress and then activate it. The result of installing a new theme is that your website’s entire look and feel will change instantly. This is because WordPress is the most popular platform, and it develops tens of thousands of themes and releases them for use.

The best themes of this platform will allow you to customize them and then make them your own. An example of a very powerful, flexible theme is Hestia, which will let you make it your own. There are also different other themes that behave more like frameworks or web builders. StudioPress Genesis is another good example of a theme, and also it is one of the most powerful and popular WordPress frameworks.

Or, you can go even further into the world of WordPress themes and plugins to learn how to build your own themes and plugins. And also, it is a much easier task than you might think. A great place to start WordPress is with a page builder plugin known as Elementor. Elementor is a page builder plugin that uses a very intuitive visual drag ‘n drop interface to build layouts and designs quickly.

Is WordPress a very easy platform for beginners?

One of the most important benefits of studying WordPress is that it’s easy to learn. WordPress itself is not a hard platform to get started with. Anyone can learn the fundamentals and the basics of WordPress pretty quickly. This is the main reason behind the question of why WordPress has gained such huge popularity?

Building websites was pretty technical and frustrating before WordPress came along. Only designers and developers who have a firm understanding and concept of HTML, CSS, and compliance standards can build websites well.

Although the web designers and developers had web design applications such as Dreamweaver which is the best application before WordPress came along, they functioned more like word processors. First, the developers have to choose File > New, and then they have to build your web pages from scratch every single time.

But in the case of WordPress, it has largely eliminated these technical barriers. As a result, any individual who has experience of any skill level – it can be general computer skills – has the capability of using WordPress to build and run their website. This is because WordPress is a CMS, and one cannot start from scratch with a blank policy. So a WordPress developer must start with a fully designed website that is ready for your content and customizations in order to make your website online a breeze.

Into the larger world of web design and running online projects, WordPress can serve as a gateway. And as a WordPress developer, you can continue to work in WordPress and web design because with the help of these, and you can expand and grow the website along with you. You can keep things simple and stick as a beginner in web design by taking the help of the fundamentals of WordPress. Add new content as you require in your websites and use its point-and-click interface in order to run your website.

Thus by knowing the basics of WordPress, you are capable of building a website, but to become the best, you need to do courses on it. For doing courses on WordPress, you can join Swadesh IT.

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