Why learning Asp.Net is a better career choice for you?

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Asp.Net is a popular web development platform, and it is used to create medium and large scale websites. Do you want to learn this skill? Consult the experts and get insights.

We already know that web development and software development is a lucrative career. But, several programming languages are used to create websites. Some people prefer PHP development, others not so much. So, you are freshly out of college, looking for a job in the web development stream. You want to gain a new skill but confused about which language to learn. This article is aimed at clearing this confusion and discusses why Asp.Net will be the better choice.

First, we will discuss the difference between the two languages:  

Web application framework (launched by Microsoft).PHP, on the other hand, is a general-purpose, server-side scripting programming language.
This is mainly used to create large and complicated applications.2. This programming language can be used to create small and medium-scale applications.
Developers need to pay a license fee to use the .NET platform without any issues.3. PHP is available for free on the web.
This platform mainly focuses on security and advanced features.4. This platform mainly focuses on developing the best user interfaces.
Dedicated community is present (comparatively small than the community of PHP developers).5. A much larger community is there for PHP developers.
The framework is more secure, as it has more built-in security features.6. Relatively less secure.
It is best for creating desktop applications (known for its moderate speed).7. Comparatively slow, and cannot be used for creating desktop applications.
It is not easy to customize applications using this tool8. PHP offers better customization facilities

Aside from these advantages, Asp.Net has a plethora of libraries and extensions that can be used to create web and desktop applications. Like Java, Asp allows code threading (therefore, multiple codes can be run at the same time). And let’s not forget that Asp comes from the house of Microsoft itself.

Developers can develop Asp.Net applications using any of these languages:

  • C# (This is the most preferred one out of all of them)
  • Visual Basic.Net
  • C++          

Some of the popular websites developed using this platform are:

  • StackOverflow
  • Microsoft
  • GoDaddy
  • Dell
  • Visual Studio
  • Wild Tangent
  • Diply.com
  • TacoBell.com  

So, it can be seen that Asp.Net is a popular choice when it comes to web development. But, the sector of IT is ever-changing, and programming languages can be a hit-and-miss pretty much. Every year, new programming languages are introduced with new features that are much advanced than their predecessors. Despite that, Asp.Net is still considered as the most advanced programming language out there.

It is a full package, and it contains tools that can be used to develop the most complicated websites ever made. Also, this platform supports different categories of additional services, such as:

  • SQL Server for database
  • Cloud services- Azure
  • Visual Studio- Integrated Development Environment   

No other programming language comes with this much support and tools. At Swadesh IT, an Asp.Net training institute in Durgapur, the trainers teach the concepts of this framework in C#. Why? Because developers around the world prefer this option, as it has been mentioned earlier. And there are several reasons behind it, as depicted in this image:

1. Simplicity

First, C# is considered as a simple language with structured code flow. This makes it easy-to-use, and readable, so, even novice programmers can understand the concept. However, this does not mean that it cannot be used to create complex projects, and usually, developers don’t come across any problem while using it. This is a remarkable thing about this programming language.

2. Productive

Visual Studio supports various extensions, libraries and tools that can boost the productivity of the developers. It is quite easy to compile the code and find errors and fix them. Using this tool, developers can perform code analysis, find for errors, and fix them without any delays.

3. Flexibility

C# offers the best flexibility, as it can be used to develop console applications, desktop applications, windows and web services, and web applications. Combined with Xamarin, native mobile applications can be created. Similarly, this object-oriented programming language can be used to create AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications as well.

4. Performance and speed

C# has the best features like loading, security, thread synchronization, exception handling, etc. It also has the best patterns and practices that should be followed by developers worldwide. Also, the speed of this programming language is incredible. 

5. Cross-platform compatibility

It can run across various platforms and different browsers. It is one of the top 5 programming languages in the world, due to this reason.

6. Community and in high-demand

Both C# and the .NET community is quite large, active, and ready to help developers out in problematic situations. In this community, developers can discuss different issues, news, and topics about the programming language and the .NET framework.

Due to its wide application and popularity, various companies release regular vacancies for Asp.Net developers. So, if you are planning to learn a new skill, this is the perfect choice for you. This job pays well, and these experts will always be in high demand.

7. Well-documented

C# is a language that has a lot of documentation in place. Freshers can learn details of this language from this documentation. From here, people can learn about the latest happenings, features and other news. 

8. Tools and libraries

C# contains the NuGet library (this is the most basic library), and still, it has over 180K packages. The packages can be used to create applications of different calibre and skillset. Apart from that, C# does contain several tools that can be used sparingly, whenever needed.

After you have learnt the concepts of Asp.Net, you can start working on live projects. At first, you have to work on simple projects, then gradually move on to complex ones. The trainers would help students easily learn the concepts. These experts work on real-life projects themselves so that they would know about the latest features and product releases. Do you want to gain this skill? Visit Swadesh IT’s website, and learn about the course yourself and enroll in it at the earliest.

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