Why is Kotlin preferred over Java for Android development? Reasons explained

kotlin vs java

Usually, developers use two programming languages to create Android apps, Java and Kotlin. Kotlin is infinitesimally better, and this blog will discuss that.

Android app development is on a rage right now and for valid reasons. People all across the world prefer Android devices over iOS ones, so it is a huge market. Android apps are pretty easy to use, and update, and maintain. So, people choose to learn this concept, and for that, they choose the best android app development training center in Durgapur to enroll in their courses.

Usually, two programming languages are used to create these apps, Java and Kotlin. Both of these languages are popular, and each of them has pros and cons of their own. This blog will discuss the differences between these two languages.

First, we will discuss Java, its pros and cons.

What is Java?

It was developed by Sun Microsystems (Oracle) in 1995. It is used to develop numerous applications, including Android applications. Some of the applications developed using this programming language are Spotify, Twitter, Signal, and others.

What are the pros of this language?

Java can run on any device, irrespective of its OS (Operating System) or the server it is using. It is also a robust programming language, so developers don’t have to worry about memory crashes or data loss. Java is an OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) language (though not to its fullest extent). Apart from that, this language is extremely easy-to-use and compile and is known for its performance.

What are its cons?

  • The syntax of this programming language is quite difficult to comprehend.
  • With this programming language, developers cannot access certain content, or these applications may not run on certain devices.
  • Developers often complain that Java poses problems when it comes to Android development.
  • It is quite difficult to fix errors, bugs, and other performance issues.
  • According to developers, this programming language is incredibly slow, and it may take a lot of the system’s memory.

Now, let’s talk about Kotlin and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin was introduced in 2011, and it was perceived as a better alternative to Java. This language also comes with support from Google. The organization itself prefers this language over Java. It is used to create applications, like Pinterest, Trello, Evernote, Twidere for Twitter, etc. What are its advantages?

Compared to Java, Kotlin is lightweight, and its file size is incredibly less. The code is smaller, and there’s less chance of bugs and performance issues. Also, it is quite safe compared to Java and other programming languages.

However, there are some cons too:

  • Kotlin is comparatively new, so it does not have a vast community, like Java.
  • Companies may not get enough developers and designers for this post. 
  • Also, this programming language has a steep knowledge curve, and developers find it difficult to comprehend.            

Despite all these cons, experts believe that Kotlin is a far better choice. And these are the reasons why.

  • Interoperability

The biggest advantage of choosing this language, Kotlin supports Java. If you have a project written in the Java language, you can export it to this platform. You will never run into problems while running a Java-based file on a Kotlin-based platform. Why? Because Java-based tools can work perfectly with Kotlin.

  • Conciseness      

If you choose Java, you will have to write long code lines to ensure that the application is performing perfectly. But, with Kotlin, you don’t have to worry about that. This makes the code more concise,  making it easier to maintain, comprehend, and modify whenever needed.

  • Safety     

Kotlin’s code is incredibly safe and concise, and the writing is incredibly clear. This means fewer errors, crashes, and system failures. It makes the process of writing the code easier and free from mistakes.

  • Smart coding

Kotlin comes with a smart compiler that detects errors during compilation time. This compiler performs multiple checks, which makes these applications faster and secure.

  • Easier to maintain           

These applications are easier to maintain and update than all their Java-based counterparts.

  • Improved productivity 

This tool can be used to boost an application’s productivity to a significant extent. 

  • Learning curve

Kotlin’s learning curve is quite easy compared to any other programming language.

  • Kotlin saves time and effort

This programming language can save a lot of time and effort during the app development process.  

Despite all these reasons, Kotlin does not support some advanced features, like auto-complete, and for that, the application may run slower. Also, there is not enough support available online for this particular language.

Some developers think that Kotlin will replace Java; however, this is not the actual case. So, if anyone is interested in learning this concept, they can consult the trainers. Another course that might appeal to students is web development, in which students can learn how to develop responsive and dynamic websites.

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