What projects can you design as a web designer? Explained

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People looking for a job as a fresher, or change in careers, can go for web designing. Swadesh IT employs the best mentors to teach this skill.

Web designing is among the top 5 most-popular skills in 2020. Whether a person is a fresh graduate or someone who wants to switch careers, web designing can be an ideal skill. But one needs to learn web designing concepts and how to apply them on real projects. At the best web design training center in Durgapur, students learn how to create responsive web designs with amazing fonts and styles. After learning the basics, they get to implement them on the project. This blog lists some project ideas that the students can work upon.

1. Food and dining

First up, we have websites that deal with food and dining. Experts agree that this is quite an innovative area, where students can exercise their skills and creativity levels to create something truly unique. This website can be developed for a restaurant, a home delivery service, etc. Students can figure out the weaknesses of existing websites and work around them. 

2. Talent platforms

There are multiple apps where people can show their talent and monetize from them. Aside from apps, there are multiple websites of a similar category too. However, this is a field where students can practice their skills. The website must be connected with social media platforms so that creators can share their work.

They can create a website where users can post videos and reach out to thousands of audiences. The web design must be user-friendly for creators and viewers, as well if someone wants to add some additional features, like call-to-action buttons, or Buy Now buttons to encourage people to pay for paid services from these creators.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare and fitness websites will always stay on the trend, and students can never go wrong. People can engage with doctors and consult them with their medical concerns. These will be possible via online conference calls and video consultation. Students can develop a website idea and try all the latest web designing trends while creating the website.

Healthcare websites are guaranteed to become popular, especially during the time of the pandemic. All an individual has to do is develop ideas and make a website that offers the best user experience and navigation. If anyone is looking for some inspiration, they can check out Practo, Lybrate, etc. After seeing a student’s portfolio, clients may ask for a design according to the business’s requirements.

The same can be said about fitness websites. These websites will inform visitors about the best diets, exercises, and supplements available in the market. Websites like Healthline, and Medicine.net, can serve as an inspiration for students.

4. Reviews site

The fourth idea on this list is to design a website where people can provide reviews. These reviews can be of movies, restaurants, locations, books, eCommerce products, or anything similar to that. The purpose of these websites is to educate people about products and whether they are fake or genuine. People can check the products and buy them (if available on the website, or the affiliated links).

5. Photography websites

Another option that would never get old is a website full of stock photos and videos. Here, photographers and videographers can upload their creativity for the whole world to see. People can download these to suit their interests and requirements. It can be quite challenging to design such a website, and if a student can do so, it will attest to their skillset and creativity levels.

Having any one or all of these projects on the resume can make a person an ideal candidate for the web designer job. Of course, they can experiment and try out other ideas to showcase their versatility and creativity. These are only a few concepts to get started with, and these ideas can be used for app designing.

As mentioned earlier, web designing is a popular choice, and it is going nowhere. Web designers are responsible for making a website attention-worthy using the correct images, fonts, and templates for a specific website. They are also responsible for making the website work perfectly (by offering the best navigation, user experience, and user interface). So, it can be seen that web designers play a crucial role in any project by creating the basic skeleton of it.

Are you interested in this course? Are you looking for the best training institute where you will learn the basic and advanced concepts of web designing? Then it would be best if you look no further than Swadesh IT. It is the brainchild of Swadesh Softwares, an IT company with offices situated in Durgapur and Kolkata. The purpose of Swadesh IT is to up skill young individuals so that they can be a part of the IT industry.

Among its various courses, Swadesh IT offers web designing. Here, you will get the best training from the best mentors. These mentors have years of experience as web designers and can guide people accordingly. They use only the latest platforms to teach these concepts to students in an easy to comprehend language.

If a student runs into any issues, they can consult the experts and ask for their guidance. The experts of Swadesh IT would love to explain the issues and how to work around them in detail. Regular assignments are given to understand if the students can implement the learning in real-life projects or not.

The course would take six months, with the last two months constituting live projects. During these two months, candidates will have a glimpse of how things work in the IT sector. The certificate received at the end of the course can make a person ready for a specific job.

Key takeaways

  • Web designing is an in-demand skill for this year and many more to come.
  • People must showcase real-life projects while going for an interview or working as a freelancer.
  • Swadesh IT offers the best web designing training to students.

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