What Do You Know About App Development? What Is The Reason Behind Learning It?

Learning app development courses from any training institute is a good idea. Also, it has a bright future. Here in this content, the benefit of learning courses on app development is mentioned.

Smartphones have been the most demanding and important part of our life today. But in this pandemic situation of COVID-19, its demand seems to have increased much more than before. In this lockdown, apps for online classes and entertaining apps have been the most trending. Also, online shopping apps have been trending. From the next generation, the demand for the app would increase. So doing App development courses in Durgapur would be an ideal choice as it has a bright future.

The concept of app development is very much interesting. These courses include many interesting languages such as Flutter, Kotlin, etc. But before going for app development courses, you need to gain some knowledge about it.

1. Definition of App Development:

It performs the different tasks that a business requires by creating a computer program or a set of programs, starting From calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports; the applications help businesses automate processes and increase efficiency. There are some steps that every app building process follows- gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration.

2. Future App Developer:

To become an App Developer, you don’t need to be an experienced programmer in App Development. If you are a beginner and wishing to build a career in App Development, you might take up a professional App Development course.

3. Role of App Developer:

The main role of an App Developer is to design, develop, and implement mobile applications. The development of these software applications in line with the appropriate mobile platforms is the responsibility of an App Developer.

Now a question may arise in your mind that why you will learn App Development. What is the reason behind it?

1. Open source code:

The programming language used in developing Android App is very open-source. More than before, many electronic manufacturers have got access to the programming language, which makes it easy for them to use it on their smartphones. The market is also expecting to grow as many Android devices are getting more efficient and affordable.

2. Google Play Store:

  1. The Huge App Market- as we all know, the Google play store is an app consisting of a huge market of apps. This facility of Google has provided us good knowledge about the different app and their work in this huge market. With the help of the play store, it became easier for them to search the app according to their want. Here is a study of Android App users-
  2. Android App is the primary Operating System for 300 Smartphones, 90 Tablets & 6 E-Readers
  3. Around 1.5 million Android devices are activated across the globe every day
  4. Google Play Store contains almost 1,460,800 apps and the number keeps on increasing
  5. Among them, almost 60% of Android Apps are free.

3. Job Prospects:

Android apps provide an interesting revenue model. Many organizations have a dedicated team for android app development with hiring catching pace. The sole advantage of learning app development to learners is that they can choose to work or freelance. Like that, once a person has completed developing apps through Android, it becomes easy for him to develop apps for other operating systems.

4. Revenue Model:

  1. Do you know that what is the costliest app in Google Play Store? Abu Moto collection app is the most costly app in Google Play Store. Its cost comes around $200. Though it is very weird to listen, it is true. The motive of making this app is to sell it to rich people. The fact behind pricing it such a costliest app is Google allows the app developers to price their apps in the Google play store even at much higher prices, making it quite rewarding.

Now imagine you are an app developer, and you are creating an app for roughly $1, and you launch the app in Google. Almost 1.5 million Android devices are activated each day. How much will you get as a return from the app even if 1% of the Android users downloaded your app? Let’s calculate the return…

$1*1%*1.5 Million = $15,000!

Different Models of Payment:

App Download- The app developer will fix a price after the app is launched in the Google Play Store and post download it. After deducting play store charges, Google will pay out for it.

Ad-Revenue- Money is also earned by giving ads of free apps. This is quite a common model. Here in this model, Google will payout to developers in exchange for placing ads in the app. This model is beneficial to a lot of developers.

5. Penetration on different devices:

Wherever you go, everywhere Android is present. Recently, to compete with the Apple Smartwatch, Moto 360 has been launched. It is a Google glass powered by the Android operating system. The most shocking news is that the total number of Android devices sold is 1,175,450,000.

Here are some devices which support Android and include Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, Portable Media Players, Camera, VoIP Phones, Video Game Player, Car DVD Player, Car Systems, Smartwatches, and even drone.

6. Gradual Learning Curve:

  1. There is a lot of self-consciousness among the Android app developers over what they need to learn to develop Android apps. You must agree that the person must be inventive; he needs to identify opportunities in the market and develop new ideas. But despite these qualities, there are also some important skills:

Java- Android applications have Java coding, so they need to know Java.

XML The most important skill for Android app development is XML since it will enable you to work on the app layout and design.

Learning the courses on app development is beneficial, and you have a bright future in it. But except for this course, there are also many other courses which have a bright future like Web Designing Courses.

Learning this type, of course, is also beneficial. It also has a bright future and a good career as a web developer.

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