Extra Skills All PHP Dvelopers Must Have For A Smooth Career In Web Development

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Both career-wise and skill acquiring wise PHP is the hottest option right now. So, the competition in the job market is also quite high. The best PHP training centre in Durgapur would guide you with the best possible ways of acquiring technical skills, but there are many more aspects that you need to take care of. So, to give that cutting edge to your career and add that start to your resume, you have to learn something more than PHP. To be an independent PHP developer, you have to know something beyond just PHP. Here are a few essential skills for you to design a successful career in PHP.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS:

The chances are high that in some projects you may have to fix problems designers have done. So, in web development besides learning how to write coding, you also have to know HTML and CSS. If you want to start a PHP business, an all-round knowledge in HTML and CSS will be highly rewarding. How to do well with HTML & CSS coding is a requisite for you not to get stuck in any stage. A reputed PHP coaching centre will surely have crash courses in HTML & CSS both. Once you are versed with PHP, a quick guide on the HTML and CSS will help you structure your career strongly.

Business Communication:

If you are starting a freelance career in web development, then you are the only one to communicate with clients. Here comes the need to know about Business Communication. How to communicate as a professional is a must when you are handling the business on your own. Lots of experienced techies face massive problems when it comes to communication. Be proactive and look for PHP courses that also offer short term guidance on Business Communication for overall development.

Knowing What You Don’t Know:

Along with taking up a course in PHP, you should also know those things that is associated with the industry. This is a point that most new PHP developers overlook while starting a career. In a freelance developer’s career, you will need to deal with proposals, bidding as well. You need to understand the plans and execute accordingly. If you are not proficient in this aspect, you will end up losing your reputation and hiring someone.

Business Finance:

Again, you have to keep in mind that when you are working as a single individual, you will be managing the web development business solely on your own. Business finance is one most crucial part of your job. Though it is not part of your task to deal with the filing of taxes which can be handled by other contractors, you must know how to manage your day-to-day finances related to the business. This task includes how to rate your work based on the market value and the taxes that you would require to file for your business.


Networking is a very great skill in the Software industry. It is a must for every developer to know techniques of networking with other freelance PHP developers and also development freelancers from varied niches. This is a huge tool for you to get referrals for better projects and support from other freelancers when you need it. Link up with them over the Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In a competitive market for jobs, networking has proved to be highly valuable for professionals.

Project Management:

As an independent developer, there would be no one to nag on your shoulders to get the work done within deadlines. As a freelancer, it is also expected that you will be juggling between multiple projects and several clients within a given time frame. Time management is of utmost important in such critical situation. These qualities will help you commit, deliver the outstanding project and build a reputation at the same time.

PHP is still a highly popular programming language among developers. Once you acquire these six skills, as a PHP developer, you would turn highly worthy in the job market. The software industry is a very competitive world and getting a break in the lower levels is often tough. These are such skills that will help you provide the first break in your career wherein you will achieve experience to approach more significant breaks in due course of time. The best PHP training centre in Durgapur would be the one who could guide you in all these areas side by side to providing professional training in the technical aspects of PHP.

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