Top things to know before doing the Flutter certification course

Flutter is a great framework. It, along with the Dart language, is used to create mobile apps. There are many reasons behind doing a course on it. Read this blog to know the reasons. 

Google created Flutter, and it is a free and open-source mobile UI framework. Flutter was released in May 2017. In short, with only one codebase, Flutter allows the developers to create a native mobile application which states that the developers can use one programming language and one codebase in order to create two different apps (for iOS and Android). So if you are planning to make your career as a Flutter developer, you have to do a Flutter certification course

Flutter comprises of two important parts:
  • An SDK (Software Development Kit): It is a collection of tools that will help the developers develop their applications. SDK consists of tools that are used to compile the developer’s code into native machine code (code for iOS and Android).
  • A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): This part of Flutter is a collection of reusable UI elements, for example, buttons, text inputs, sliders, etc., which the developers can personalize for their own needs.

To develop any application using Flutter, the developers have to use a programming language that is known as Dart. The programming language Dart was created by Google in October 2011, but the language has improved a lot over the past years.

The developers can use Dart to create mobile and web applications because it focuses on front-end development.

What is the reason behind doing the Flutter certification course?

Here is your answer:

1. It is simple to learn and use Flutter

Flutter is a free, modern, and open-source mobile UI framework. As a result, it is simpler to create mobile applications using Flutter. However, if you know or have experience in using Java, Swift, or React Native, then you’ll notice the difference between Flutter and other programming languages.

Many developers dislike mobile application development, but after using Flutter, their minds changed.

The most interesting benefit about Flutter is that one can create a real native application without a bunch of code.

2. It provides quick compilation, which results in maximum productivity

Using Flutter, one is capable of changing their code and bringing out the results in real-time. This benefit of Flutter is called Hot-Reload, which only takes a short amount of time after one saves the data in order to update the application itself.

If there are any significant modifications, then it forces the developer to reload the app.

3. Flutter is ideal for startup MVPs

Flutter is a good choice if you are thinking of showing your product to investors.

Here are some points which states the reasons for using it for MVP:
  • First, using Flutter to develop a mobile application provides low costs because one doesn’t require creating and maintaining two mobile apps, one for iOS and one for Android.
  • To create your MVP, a developer is all one requires.
  • You will be unable to notice any difference between a native application and a Flutter app.
  • Flutter is a user-friendly framework; that is, one can easily use widgets provided by Flutter. Moreover, they can also personalize it to create a valuable UI for your customers.
4. Flutter provides a good documentation

It is an important point. Good documentation is important for any new technology. But all the time, good documentation is not always the case.

One who joined the training institute for the Flutter certification course can learn a lot from Flutter’s documentation. With easy examples, everything is explained in detail for basic use cases. This documentation is important because whenever the developers had any problem with one of the widgets in their code, they could check the documentation and the solution to the problem was there.

5. Flutter has a growing community

Flutter, the mobile UI framework, has a robust community.

While sharing knowledge and useful content on programming on the website, a huge community must get more info and get easy solutions when in a problem. So it is obvious that those who are working on this technology will get help from others in the community.

So when the developers started using Flutter, the first thing they did was, search for communities because it would help them. There are a considerable number of places and a vast community in order to exchange info on Flutter.

6. This mobile UI framework is supported by Android Studio and VS Code

Flutter is a framework that is available on different IDEs. In general, there are two main code editors that are used for developing this technology: Android Studio (IntelliJ) and VS Code.

Android Studio or IntelliJ is a complete software where everything is already integrated. The developers only have to download Flutter and Dart plugins into it to start.

VS Code is a lightweight tool, wherewith plugins; everything is configurable from the marketplace.

These are the benefits of using Flutter. If you are willing to do any IT courses or are interested in mobile application development, it would be good to go with Flutter because this is the best framework to build mobile applications.

Flutter 2.5 is the latest and stable version. 

To build an app, a programming language is required. But Flutter is a framework, then how it is used to build an app. For example, Dart is a programming language that is used to write in Flutter apps.

Flutter runs in the Dart virtual machine that features a just-in-time execution that is on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Flutter uses Just In Time compilation while writing and debugging an app because it allows the developers for “hot reload,” modifications to source files can be injected into a running application. In addition, this is a mobile UI framework, which extends modification with support for stateful hot reload because in most cases in the running app, changes to source code are reflected immediately without requiring a restart or any loss of state.

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