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With programming and coding, life has become more comfortable and simpler. Every aspect of life, starting from home to outdoors today, rests on coding. With the rising demand and requirement of languages, the list is also increasing. In this respect, every programmer should have one concept clear that C, Go, or C++ is close to the system languages. In contrast, Java or Python are object-oriented programming languages; if you are looking for a functional programming language, Scala is your answer, whereas Python and Java are the most powerful scripting languages among the list. These languages constitute the top programming courses in 2020.

Apart from knowledge on career prospects of various languages, you should also keep an eye on the current trend in the programming field. With the onset of 2020 now, when you are sure that you are looking to join one of the best software training institutes in Durgapur, going to pursue a career in programming and build a career in it, here is a quick guide on the top few languages in development.


Widely accepted as the best programming language, Python tops the list of top programming courses in 2020. This language is faster and easier to develop scalable web applications. Python, as a beginner’s language, provides an excellent platform that, too, with a vast library and a large developer community. Today quite a good number of start-ups use Python as their basic backend stack, thus creating enormous opportunities for python developers.

Knowing about the cons of the language before you start with, can help you land on a firm decision. Not friendly for mobile computing, GIL hinders threading, and immature database access layer.


For decades, java has remained one of the popular choices in large IT organizations. Being a highly stable programming language, Java is the language for A-grade enterprises. Java is 99% Object Oriented Programming Language that you must know for a strong career in IT. Moreover, any business today needs an application to grow in the market; Java is one language to support. After the launch of Kotlin, Java was expected to go obsolete. But to its utter surprise, still, the demand for learning Java is there among new program developers.

Pointing the cons, Java limits high-quality data structures due to the absence of templates, and memory management is expensive with Java, slower than C, C++.


If Android App Development is in your mind, then Kotlin is the language that could help you immensely in the process. 2020 is going to witness Kotlin as the next biggest happening in the world of Android. Just because of its native support and IDEs, the Android Studio is most importantly supporting Kotlin for Development. Programmers also admit that Kotlin helps a lot in writing IoS apps.

Quite similar but yet not Java, in terms of Clean-builds, Java is a clear winner. These points are enough to decide between Kotlin and Java.


One of the most popular backend programming languages PHP, forms the base of numerous renowned websites we come across daily. Though the market has set up quite tough competitions for PHP by JavaScript and Python, there will still be considerable demand for PHP developers in 2020. If you wish to gear up your career with a reasonably old organization, top programming courses on PHP from one of the best software training institutes can help you grow as a successful backend developer.

A few points that get PHP a back seat include slower developing speed in comparison to other options, security issues, and error handling difficulties.


This is another simple language by Google. If you are proficient in using Python, then Golang is no new to you. Although it’s a straightforward language, you cannot but underestimate the efficiency of it that makes it compete with other top programming courses and secure a place in the top trending list. Golang is the technology behind all complex and large scale applications.

Despite being less flexible and lack of 3rd Party module, a choice to pursue a course on Golang from the best software training center can put you to a win-win point in your career.


When you are searching for any open-source dynamic programing language, Ruby stands out of the crowd. Created in Japan in 1990, Ruby is a language more of productivity and simplicity. The most important thing in this language that takes it to heights of popularity is the Rails Framework. The best part that you, as a developer, would love is its capacity to build an app with less line of code.

Like other languages, there are few drawbacks to Ruby as well. Its slower runtime speed, limited documentation, fewer libraries, slow processing brings it down the list a bit. Despite these, Ruby is a natural language to learn for beginners.


C/C++ is something that makes the top programming courses list complete. It helps in writing every low-level system and for this reason, it is a beginners language. Most competitive programmers rely on this language because of it being extraordinarily fast and stable with vast, ready-to-use library support.

The features that could bother you before starting up a career in this language is its Complex Syntax, not apt to solve real-world programming challenges, non-availability of run-time checking.

A summary of the discussion can help you focus on the correct choice. 

  • JavaScript and Python can be beneficial if looking for a career in the start-up world. And they are easy to learn as well.
  • A corporate career can be secure if you make yourself proficient in Java and PHP.
  • Low-latency and scalable systems can be built through C/C++ and Golang.

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