Top App ideas for beginners to spike career amidst COVID situation

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App development is like hot cake amidst the Covid market. Some important information related to the field can bring some good hope among fresh graduates in IT.

The global pandemic situation has not only created a big bang on the economy worldwide but brought down many businesses to abrupt shutdown. Many businesses are fighting closedown every moment. The entire economy is affected today. As a fresher, after getting certified from App development courses in Durgapur, your excitement to join the industry might be at its peak. You must be very worried and anxious about your career’s future when more and more businesses are seeing downfall. Every crisis has a silver lining, so does this pandemic. The good news for you is that most businesses are going online with the help of technology and mobile solutions to handle the growing crisis quickly.

How going online can be a reliable solution amid this crisis?

The rise in Mobile App Market: With the spread of the novel Coronavirus, people are strictly confined within their homes, which have predicted the growth of the mobile app industry to double by 2024. Besides the predictions, a steep rise in the 1st time instalments of apps has been recorded to a boost of 22% from 2019, which is a remarkable jump.

Reduced human contact is the need of the hour: When the whole world is afraid of the spread of the Coronavirus, the only solution by every Government and administrative authorities is to stay indoors as much as possible and maintain social distancing in case one needs to step outside. The best solution in such a situation is an online business that allows reduced human contact.

A boom in online shopping: As people are not moving out of their homes, there has been a huge dependency on online business for all sorts of items starting from luxury to essentials. It is worth mentioning that 74% of internet users of all age groups have shifted to the online shopping trend, and physical stores have contracted to only 35%. Big names like Amazon are running out of stock to serve demands for essentials amid this lockdown.

These facts are enough to assure you that your career is absolutely on the right track. Below are a few Web and mobile app ideas that could boost your job search or career growth.

Once you are a skilled professional with adequate certification, your anxiety with career growth is not going to bog you down. Rather your confidence and experience in the App industry will grow with your career advancement even in worst situations like this.

  1. Education Apps: The education industry is the most affected one because of this unprecedented situation across the globe. Due to total imprisonment within the confines of homes, learners depend totally on apps and online portals for their knowledge enhancement and lesson completion. Not only the traditional education but various skills upgradation for learners of any age are depending on online courses hugely amid this lockdown. This has seen huge hiring of App development professionals for developing education apps for Interactive online learning and classroom learning apps. Students not only get guided on regular class-based studies but also various interactive sessions, webinars are being conducted from all over the world.
  2. Social Networking Apps: Another most in-demand app that has kept people engaged and close to their near and dear ones is the Social Networking Apps. Not only connecting, but people have extensively used these apps to share their concerns about the fast-spreading virus, information on the same, mental anxiety, boredom, which came as obvious side effects of such pandemics. Apart from lending a connecting media, social networking apps have come up as strong discussion forums where people could discuss and share information and news and opinions on various issues around the world. Authorities, NGOs, and media houses are likely to build up more apps to connect to their community and communicate with their audiences.
  3. Fitness & Mental Heath App: Staying at home for such a prolonged time was never experienced by humans. This has brought a gross effect on mental health. More and more people are getting stressed and falling into depressions. This has led to a sudden rise in the demand for mental health and fitness apps during this crisis. People are trying hard from all possible ways to stay fit and healthy. They are getting inclined to more and more fitness apps that could guide them in their try to live a better lifestyle against all the odds. Meditation, Yoga, and online fitness training are some apps that have seen a steep rise during this period.
  4. Mobile Health & Telemedicine Apps: Considering the tough situation when visiting healthcare centers have become truly scary; people are bound to rely on and install telemedicine and online doctor’s app to get medical support at times of emergency. This has also set a challenge for the doctors and healthcare professionals in providing constant support to patients without letting them step out of their homes except for dire necessity. Best in this situation are the mHealth apps that have allowed accurate diagnosis of various ailments allowing both doctors and patients to indulge. Registering with telemedicine apps by more and more medical shops has allowed app development professionals to flourish in the field.
  5. Video Conferencing/ Calling Apps: With the entire work culture shifting to remote and home-based, Video-conferencing apps and calling apps have grown massively. One on one latest features, improved techniques for flawless conducting of meetings, connecting with a large number of participants have made this segment quite popular. Having completed app development courses in Durgapur, a fresher can get into the building of such apps to facilitate smooth work-from-home culture prevalent all over the world now.
  6. Food and Grocery Delivery Apps: One of the essential items to survive under any condition are food and grocery essentials. For restaurants and food businesses’ survival had become a challenge until they shifted to delivery apps. Joining hands with delivery chains, they have revamped their businesses, and people are also relying on these delivery partners to get their boredom shooed away at ease. Grocery products are getting delivered at doorsteps with the help of most popular Grocery apps these days.

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