Top 5 web designing techniques every designer must know about

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Do you want to create beautiful web designs and landing pages? Do you want to know where to start from? You must enroll in a web designing course.

Are you a person with a creative flair? Do you want to build a website that will look trendy and eye-catchy? Swadesh IT, a web design training center in Durgapur, is ready to help you out with that. You will get to learn about the hottest trends in the web design field at this training center. Do you want to have a basic understanding of these concepts? This article is specifically curated for you. So, without further ado, let’s start.

1. Minimalism and white space

It is perhaps the most popular trend, almost all websites (especially the new ones) follow. Minimalism and white space can vary; for example, some websites may have less visual graphical elements (close to none). On the other hand, some websites may have fewer color palettes, which is also a part of minimalism. Apart from that, simple and minimalistic web navigation. Minimalism is elegant, classy, and offers the best experience and functionality to customers.

2. Dark mode                       

The dark mode is a powerful concept, but it must be used wisely. Bright, bold colors on a contrastingly dark background can catch everyone’s attention. Dark mode has an elegant look and offers a sleek experience to web viewers. It can save a device’s battery and reduce the rate of energy consumption. Some people prefer dark mode, as it is believed to put less stress and strain in the eye. Combining these two concepts, minimalism and dark mode can benefit the list. People can also use luminous colors in dark mode to make a statement among customers.  

3. Bold typography           

We are talking about having fun with web designing elements, so why not typography. Bold typography is a concept that can be played around until designers are satisfied with the result. People can try bold fonts, and it must be clean and legible.

Nowadays, people don’t like cursive fonts because the text will be too incomprehensible to read. So, which fonts are coming to the foreground? First, we will discuss the concept of bold typography. Bold, beautiful, and large letters will demand the attention of visitors. It will create more buzz if the words are written in all caps.

Writing the word in monochrome or modifying the transparency can do the trick as well. However, there is one catch with bold typography. Designers need to ensure that the font looks the same on all devices, and they are evenly spaced. This will ensure the best user experience for people visiting the website. Bold typography isn’t the only change, though.

This year, designers are pushing limits and breaking all the standards to create beautiful websites. You can also do the same and try new styles and settings.

4. Liquid animation                    

Animation has been a part of web designing for decades. Almost every website uses some animation to attract more customers and make them stay on it. Over time, it has gone through some changes; some are good, some bad. Recently, web designers have been thrilled with the concept of liquid animation.

In liquid animation, an element will move in a flowy, water-like rhythm. It is used as a precursor of videos or other animation, but it can be applied to other elements. For example, it can be used together with hover elements, thus encouraging people to click on it. But the technique needs a lot of precision and calculation. It must be smooth, flowy, and beautiful to look at.

Liquid animation can be applied in layers, hover actions, scrolling, etc. It can be used in the background or the foreground to create a 3D parallax effect. If you want, you can create an underwater effect with it, and it can also be used in typography. You can learn about it at the web development training center in Durgapur.

5. Illustration      

Like animation, illustration has been part and parcel of web designing. The illustration provides an artistic feel to the website, but it has a practical approach. Companies use illustrations to explain how a product works or how anyone can get a company’s service. Artistic interpretations (hand-drawn elements) can do the job.

It will look natural and free-flowing as if an artist has drawn it on a whim. This is an area where designers can use their creativity to the full advantage. However, it is best to keep it simple, and it will tell a story. The illustration can be used together with photos to give it a sense of realism to it.

These are the top 5 design trends that students need to be aware of. However, these trends are always changing, and you will learn about that by following blogs and articles on it. You can learn these techniques on Youtube (if you prefer that). However, you might miss some crucial elements and face trouble while applying the design in real-time.

So, you can choose to get trained by professional web designers one-on-one in a classroom. For that, you need to visit Swadesh IT, an IT training center located in Durgapur. This is a brainchild of Swadesh Softwares, and it is established to train individuals in IT-related courses.

Swadesh IT offers the best web designing training in Durgapur to date. Students will learn the preliminary concepts of web designing (color, typography, and other elements). They will also learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and design user experience. They will also be taught the concepts of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and Jquery (both basic and advanced).

Tutors will teach responsive designing and web designing techniques to students enrolled in the course. With this knowledge, they can design landing pages. After learning this course, students can create websites for clients and land freelancing jobs. If you enroll in Swadesh IT, you get the opportunity to work on live projects as well. This is when you can learn how to handle projects in real-time. After this course, students will be able to create beautiful website designs for clients. So, are you ready to start a career in web designing? You must enroll in this course and start learning the concepts as soon as possible.                     

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