Thinking about a career switch? 8 things you must consider during any crisis

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Some say crisis while for others it’s a boon. Grab the opportunity to re-skill yourself and leap for a career switch amid this tough time. 

Unemployment is surging high in the current times across the globe. In the U.S., the rate has crossed 15% and is still on the rise, which is 3.5% higher than in February 2020. This figure is irrespective of the $2 trillion stimulus package that the government implemented to normalize the situation. This surge has also crossed 2008 by 10% and even the Great Depression of the 1930s by 25%. Though the Job structure in India has no such procedure to report and track the differences, it is very much evident from the situation prevalent in the job market that it is extremely challenging and is going to remain so for some more time. If you have lost your job recently or are experiencing a pay cut or getting pissed off with the uncertain future and considering registering with the Best Software Training Institute in Durgapur, know this is the time to go for a career change.

The below mentioned eight tips could help you grow some assurance about a secured future and start your journey in a positive note. 

Revisit your assumptions:

First, you need to assess your current situation and analyze how realistic your assumptions are. Ask yourself several questions, like, would you accept your current job if offered again? If your answer is no, then what is that has changed your perception for the future? Ask yourself about your new ten year goals and how to reach there. The answer is likely that you need a career change, and so are these all questions arising in your mind. But before plunging into something like a career change, consider an assessment of your health, relationships, property issues, and prioritize your skill sets before you begin a new journey. 

Create multiple avenues:

Has you have blessed with a chance to rebuild your career, your approach should be more practical this time. Instead of a 10-year plan, create sub-paths to a bright career. Think of having parallel universes where different steps may prove beneficial for you even if some fail others will help you prosper. Planning does not mean that they are going to come true right now. Still, putting ideas into pen and paper enables you to think strategically, identify your potential, work on them, and get ready for an uncertain future. 

Opportunities in the private sector:

The private sectors extend a plethora of jobs and wealth-creating opportunities that can hold a great place in your minds. But when crisis attacks, wealth becomes secondary, and the urge for survival grabs the entire need for all. Govt. sector has always been a place for assured jobs. Economists, after studying the ten years Great Depression of the last century, found that holding a Government job or drawing pension regularly evolved to be best. If you are in your 20s, a career in the government sector can be a good option for the future. 

The lure of I.T./ITEs:

Another great career option opens up for you if you could get into the I.T./ITES sector now. Basic coding skills and minor experience are not enough if you are planning to hit the bull’s eye. The current market scenario has forced big companies to adopt automation and cut off lower skilled personnel with high vigor. If you have decided to register with the Best Software Training Institute in Durgapur, go ahead and do that. Get yourself trained in the trendy I.T. skills at par with the industry and never let your worth go unnoticed. If seeking a managerial position is on your mind, adding up an MBA degree would be of great help. 

The frame of mind:

In the case of a career change, your attitude and mindset may get the most disturbed. You need to work on these two factors the most during this switch. There is negativity all around for you to think of this career change, but you need to remain positive despite all odds. Bring innovation in your approach, work as a team player, flexibly evaluate all options, and do not hesitate to seek guidance. 

Embrace the change:

It is no wise step to struggle to retain the status quo, rather than embrace it. Acknowledge the new norm and accept the new career trends that have thrived amidst the pandemic. Within this period, careers like customer support, digital marketing, teaching, designing, writing, and coding have gained significant value. Most companies are getting inclined towards remote and contractual working. Determine where and how you can fit in.

Control and leverage:

The pandemic has proved a boon in case you are planning a career switch. You will be easily able to justify your career shift to your family as it is well-reasoned. They won’t object much. Even your future employer will understand your lay-off and your decision to switch over. The most thing important here is to focus on what is within your control and stop worrying about that which you cannot control. Reduce unnecessary expenses, take up learning new skills, read books, apply to multiple job positions, even out of your domain, and make most of your time. 

Get started:

Now, when you have sorted the primary factors, it’s time for the final action. Prepare your budget for the coming 3-4 months, focus on staying fit and healthy, review your soft skills and personality traits, prepare your resume, update your profile on professional platforms, and ultimately dive into the active job search. Side by side to applying to jobs online, try reaching out to the decision-makers in your domain through networks. Get appointments and try to pitch about your career switch, your courage and self-belief is sure to sail you through in this chaotic world. 

If you are the 2020 graduating batch, finding the first career break will be tough for you, unlike your immediate seniors. Even the coming few months will see more unemployment and market-crashes than ever before. You will have an improved chance in the job front when you decide and start taking things in the right way earlier than others. Upgrade your skills and accept the change. These positive attitudes in you will make a real difference.

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