Is PHP about to die in 2019?

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Almost 80% of websites today run on PHP. This fact is itself the answer to the question if
PHP is dying anyway. The most significant point that could make you confident about PHP
to be alive for years to come is Wikipedia and Facebook, which runs entirely on PHP.
Yes, older versions of PHP is indeed slow, but the latest version PHP 7 is 3 times faster than
the Python language. PHP will not get outdated for also being a good option for content-
driven websites. To confirm this, here are some points that could help you be confident in
choosing PHP for a career or small start-ups.
PHP7; the answer to your small start-up: The syntax rich, simple, and fast version of PHP,
the PHP7.0 comprises of embedded security libraries being the cheapest language for hosting
It can be run on multiple CPU cores:  PHP 7 facilitates the work of both Sync and Async
with the added script and also runs on multiple CPU cores.  
Libraries:  Numerous packaged libraries, namely REST/MVC framework, are structured to
make the PHP 7.0 more acceptable and easy to work with.
PHP is going to stay, because:
 Its easier to learn
 Feature-rich both on Syntax and constructs
 Numerous third-party libraries, packages, books, tutorials, and libraries.
 Cost-effective
 Easy to find developers as it’s cheap.
 PHP is highly adequate, even in the default configuration.
 PHP can scale up the performance of your website to Facebook levels with little
additional support.
Standing in today’s market, we can say that no languages ever die. They proliferate with
time. The use of PHP may slow-down though time is there for it to erode completely.

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