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1. “Software engineers shall-

The process of developing a software product using software engineering principles and methods is referred to as, _______.

_________ is a piece of programming code which performs a well-defined task.

What is Software?

Modelling is a representation of the object-oriented classes and the resultant collaborations will allow a system to function.

Fan-in is an indication of _______.

Which of these software engineering activities are not a part of software processes?

Abbreviate the term OOHMD.

The fundamental notions of software engineering does not account for?

Which software designers tool helps to design the block structure of the software, that may further be broken down into smaller modules using refinement techniques?

In software metrics which metrics evaluate the track budget, schedule and human resource?

SDLC stands for

The Spiral model was originally proposed by:

Infrastructure are covered under?

Structured programming Codes includes?

Activities and action taken on the data that are represented by Circle or Round-edged Rectangles are called, _________.

MTTC stands for ____________.

COCOMO stands for:

What is the most common measure of the correctness?

Which is the Layered Technology in Bedrock that supports Software Engineering?

How many numbers of maturity levels in CMM are available?

Which of the following is not a direct process of SE process?

The Phases of formal review process are mentioned below. Arrange them in the correct order. I. Planning II. Review Meeting III. Rework IV. Individual Preparations V. Kick Off VI. Follow Up

Cost of Production = Right the First time cost (RTF +-----------)

The feature of the object oriented paradigm which helps code reuse is _______

The desired level of coupling is ________

SPICE Means ____

Line of Code (LOC) of the product comes under which type of measures?

What is the most common measure for correctness?

Build and fix model has?

Which of the following models is not suitable for accommodating any change?

The fundamental notions of software engineering does not account for?

Infrastructure software are covered under?

If you were to create client/server applications, which model would you go for?

White box testing a software testing technique is sometimes called?

The document listing all procedures and regulations that generally govern an organization is the?

Which language can be directly understood by the CPU?

Problem oriented language is

_____________ is used for development of various games.

Which one of the following is the most important or powerful computer in a network?

Storing same data in many places is called

Referential integrity is directly related to

WebApps are a mixture of print publishing and software development, making their development outside the realm of software engineering practice.

Which of the items listed below is not one of the software engineering layers?

Most software continues to be custom built because

The nature of software applications can be characterized by their information

Which of these terms are level names in the Capability Maturity Model?

Which of these are standards for assessing software processes?

The incremental model of Software Development is

The spiral model of software development