Best Careers Trends In IT For 2020

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In this era of massive competition in career building, a well informed and researched step is mandatory in every field. A discussion on the trending IT courses for 2020 is here to prove noteworthy when you are on the verge of career building.

In terms of IT prospects, India is very progressive and ever-improving. Side by side to upgradations, India is growing fast in the field. According to authentic reports in 2012, the IT exports of India had crossed $100 billion. With every passing year, the IT trends and opportunities are seeing new trends. If you are a rightly talented professional, your career is sure to get skyrocketed with proper IT courses, which can be obtained from one of the best software training institutes in Durgapur. Now, as you are aware of some of the most trending programming languages to build a career in 2020, its turn to highlight some of the trending IT courses options for 2020.

Mobile App Development:

One of the most active and fast-growing sectors in the field is the Mobile App Development. Right IT courses coaching center can provide you with a job-ready industry structured course on Mobile App Development. After the course, you would be directly placed as an App Developer and, after gathering a few years of experience in the same position, can get a confirm leap to Project Manager. This is a field where one can work as a freelance Mobile App Developer to design and develop Apps part-time and submit in the Google Play store for download and earn. More and more businesses are getting inclined towards Mobile App development rather than solely concentrating on Websites.

Web Designing:

You can rank one institute as the best software training institute when you would get all sorts of software training under one single roof. Web designing is another prevalent IT trend that could fetch you a secure place in the industry. Especially for those who want to work independently; website Designing is a pretty lucrative option to earn a decent income from the convenience of home. A course in Website designing will help you become a pro in coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. If anybody is looking to undergo a short term professional course and start earning, then this could be a great choice in 2020. For details you may also ready Website Designing Career; Few Tips For A Careful Leap.

UI/UX Web Development:

In any software company, one of the most trending roles is that of a UI/UX designer or developer. The changing trend says UI/UX developers will be in high demand in 2020. Skilled UI/UX designers, developers, researchers, and usability analysts are going to have a bright prospect in the industry in the coming days. The responsibility of a UI/UX designer is to provide finished resources for the developers to include in the app or the web. So, for a career in UI/UX, a precise knowledge of Web and mobile apps and website design is necessary.

Project Management:

Here is a career option in software development that is not limited to any one particular industry. A PMP certified Project Manager is a professional of global recognition who is certified by the Project Management Institute. A Project manager is of high demand because of the professional qualities that come from his education and experience that is required to guide and direct a project. A PMP is a crucial position in every field. Every field has projects, and every project has its learning technology, different team, different personality, and regulation. Never a dull profession that would always keep you on your toes, Project Management will forever be in trend.

Software Quality Testing(SQT) Automation:

Software Quality testing covers a vast area of the software development world. It’s not just a technology but numerous things combined. A career in this genre includes Stringent software processes, expert communication, understanding of the business, an array of different testing types like security, sound scripting knowledge, cloud performance, mobile apps knowledge, and many others. A Software coaching center that you may select for a course in software testing training should also put adequate emphasis on tech skills and knowledge.  With automation everywhere, one who is looking to build a career in Software testing should also be well versed with the automated testing tools like JMeter, selenium, etc.

Cloud Computing:

One of the most sought after IT trends is none other than Cloud Computing. Cloud computing is found to be one of the fastest emerging technologies in Business Standards. It has shown manifold benefits through simplifying accessibility, offering virtual storage, addressing and solving backup issues, strengthening security against unauthorized access and data loss. It is good for a fresher to think of a career in Cloud computing as well. This field requires small and firm steps for growth. With more and more companies implementing this technology, professionals with appropriate skills and knowledge is of high demand. Many software development training institutes extend IT courses on Cloud computing as well nowadays.


With the rise in popularity of DevOps, the IT industry is going to be a hub of DevOps professionals soon. But there will be a clear dearth of skilled people in the field. DevOps is the combination of operations and Development. One who has knowledge in languages like Python, Java, Perl, and cloud computing can have a secured career in DevOps. Market-oriented training in DevOps can be apt for you in your pursuit of a settled IT career.


The full form of AI is equally popular, which has become a center of attraction in the whole IT today. Artificial Intelligence is the technology that works behind making computers follow your command with the help of programming. Degree in Mathematics with Physics and experience in programming languages like C can give you a bright career in IT. Nowadays, best software training institutes are providing job oriented IT courses on AI and the Internet of Things, another allied field in IT.

Best software training institutes in Durgapur also provide career counselling options for those who have a flair in the field and aim towards a sound career in IT. So listen to your brain and take action as 2020 is going to be the year for the latest trends in Information Technology.

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