Does WordPress run on PHP 7?

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Are you looking to create dynamic interactive websites? Would like to create it at the most cost-
effective way? PHP is the scripting and programming language that best supports the needs of small
start-ups or fresher to join the field of website development. WordPress & PHP both being open
source WordPress can be easily written using PHP as the scripting language.
Very effectively PHP is a server-side programming language which enables it to process codes to
write web pages using modules that are already installed in the web server. WordPress PHP files
contains a .PHP extension and can also be used inside the HTML documents. To work on any
WordPress powered website the developer need not know PHP to run or manage it. Yes if one
wishes to work on Word Press using the plugins, themes, filters and actions then it is must to have
knowledge on basic PHP syntax along with CSS and HTML.
WordPress is compatible with PHP 7.0 and PHP 5.6 and not the older ones. Still there are some
limitations to it. All the Themes and Plugins does not comply though except some custom-built
plugins and themes that cannot be used in PHP7.
You can also run a compatibility check for your current Word Press stack for PHP. PHP compatibility
Plugin is available on the internet for our support. If the plugin glows green, its safe and PHP
compatible and you can continue with the up gradation.
Quick facts:
 82% of the internet is backed by PHP.
 PHP7 the latest version has great improvements in terms of security, performances and
features as well. This enables enhanced Word Press performance by 2X speed without any
additional hardware.
Running WordPress in PHP7 brings in a pool of benefits for developers to make the task easier and

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