Is PHP Developer in demand?

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With businesses expanding from offline to online, the demand for the web development industry is
growing fast day by day. Eventually, the need for web developers is ever-growing, as well. In the
process of Web development, numerous technologies, languages, platforms, as well as applications,
are used by which PHP has created a revolution by being more flexible and highly functional in terms
of web applications.
PHP, as a programming language, came into limelight after Mark Zuckerberg used it in building
Facebook. PHP programming language allows the programmers to add and alter widgets, icons
logos, shopping carts, item pictures in a much easy manner that too in less time. The only downside
of PHP is that it is a web-based server-side programming language used in web applications only
while other languages can be used to build programming for any platform.
An obvious question arises after learning the positives of PHP as a language is about the demand of a
PHP developer in the days to come.
Based on the latest surveys, PHP is being used by 84% of the majority of web servers. So, in the
world of programming, PHP developers are in high demand with a rise in the number of new
websites. The need for skilled PHP developers is only about to rise in the years to come.

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