Is PHP an Open Source?

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A website to people in today’s corporate world is something more than a first-hand
information about the company. Through a strong website developed on the latest
technological platforms, the client’s online business is taken to heights in the long run.
Websites are made more user-friendly and interactive when the platform of development is
upgraded and is the most updated one.
PHP is most compatible with all operating systems like Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Solaris,
and others supporting all types of databases like MSSQL, MySQL, Informix, Oracle, and
PostGre SQL. The best thing about PHP is that it can be remotely configured and supports
high speed yet accurate programming.
Side by side to being an open-source platform, PHP is also a server-side scripting language
and can be easily embedded into the HTML.
The outraging advantages of PHP in web development make it the most popular language
worldwide. Some of them are mentioned below.
Easy to use: PHP having the most easily understandable syntax forms easy learning and
implementing a scripting language for web development.
Cost-Effective: PHP is an open-source coding language that can be used by people at large
for its easy availability and accessibility. Here PHP comes under a very cost-effective bracket
to be easily deployed and used for Web development.
Control: In comparison to other coding languages, PHP does not require long scripts to be
written. PHP does the same work as other languages with very little coding exercising grip
over the website.
Security: The security layer of PHP provides high-end protection against threats and viruses
in the course of web development. This makes PHP one of the safest ways to develop
Access to support: Since PHP is being used by developers worldwide, it has become easier
to get support from user groups available remotely if you get stuck in between. Even the
community of PHP developers create an opportunity for support, making the task easier at
every point.
Since PHP is accepted and expanding world-wide, a career in PHP could give you an
immense boost in your Job-life without much time investment. Skills upgrading is what the
need of the hour is.

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