Is Learning PHP futuristic?

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Keeping an eye on the current trend in web development, PHP can be taken up as a good
career option for advancement in life. In this era of up-gradation, you cannot stay sticky to a
particular skill; still, if you are looking for a better option, PHP would be the best choice for
you. Why?
Internet Visibility: Being one of the popular languages in web development and a common
part of web application today, PHP is used by developers worldwide. Even on browsing,
numerous websites with PHP extensions can be found over the internet.
Blogging via PHP: Word Press is meant for building great blogs, which is again designed by
PHP as well. PHP involves the most straightforward programming language allowing people
with minimum technical knowledge to share blogs across the globe.
PHP and MySQL: In the majority of websites, a combined work of PHP and MySQL is
used for web development. With this, web development becomes even easier for non-
technical ones.
CMS supporting PHP: Numerous CMS that support PHP like Joomla, Symphony,
Magento, Drupal is available over the internet. These CMS make website publishing easy,
and this can take PHP to heights of advancement.
Simplicity in PHP: When compared to other languages, PHP is easier because of its
simplicity. PHP has come to the forefront after overtaking quite a several potential languages,
which is a clear sign of PHP to be in the scene for a longer period.
Regular updates: New technologies, frameworks, CMS all are getting developed and
upgraded to match the usage of PHP in web developing. Every now & then features of the
language is being updated and refreshed regularly, which shows the high popularity and
demand of the language in web development.  
PHP facts: PHP is a more dependable web development tool for professionals in top
companies also because of it being lower in cost.
PHP is a good tool as well for fresher to start with. If you want to grow in the field of
development, then learning any language will be anyhow necessary, may it be PHP or any
other, what you need to concentrate more is the Logics.

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