Is Facebook still using PHP?

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From a Facebook engineer’s mouth, it has been reported that the core language being used by
Facebook is still PHP, and Mark Zuckerberg’s company hasn’t anyway ditched it. The main reason
behind this being incumbent inertia. The flaws are somehow managed by the engineers with the
help of patches at various levels of the stack, and extraordinary internal discipline been set by the
code style and its convention. A fairly tight culture of coding is followed so that various other worst
attributes of the language could be avoided.

Different industry precedents record re-writing the codebase in another language as one of the
worst jobs one can do. This proves that at every other level, there is an obstruction to re-write. In
dire consequences, the worst effects of PHP can be avoided by writing fresh new components with
the help of a better language like C++, Erlang, Python, and Java in a de-coupled manner. Also, where
the language is profoundly unsuitable, the effects can be avoided in other subcomponents.

As a result, the entire codebase slowly moves away from entirely depending on PHP to the PHP
components that are coded in a tightly-controlled manner by veteran engineers.

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