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The IT industry is hiring, but only the ones with potential. If you want to be there, make yourself eligible through a career oriented course

Let’s acknowledge a grim fact first. In India, the educational system still lacks when it comes to imparting practical knowledge to students. So, even the best students (those who score high percentages) fail to secure their careers.

If this is the case, then we can safely assume that the chances for mediocre students become slim. And in this situation, a job oriented course in Durgapur can help students gain new skills and certifications to pursue their dream careers.

You will see plenty of courses for each niche, but our focus is on IT courses. Here they are:

Web designing

It is one of the highest-paying career options even in 2022. Web designers are responsible for designing websites and ensuring that they look appealing to users.  

Skillset: Web designers need to master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, REST, and photo and video editing skills. But they also need to enhance their skills and learn new tools and frameworks. A web designer should also have analytical, time-management, and creative visualization skills.    

How much in demand are web designers?

We can state this in a single line; there is abundant demand for web designers. Every industry requires a website, and without a web designer’s help, it will be impossible.

The growth opportunity in this position is huge too, and one cannot miss the increasing scope and job opportunities. Companies need web designers, but the talent pool is limited.

A web designer receives an attractive salary ranging between 120,000 to 650,000 INR (depending on skills, company profile and norms, and experience level).

Web designing is a driving force, and you can be an expert designer by registering for the job oriented course in Durgapur on web designing.       

Prerequisites: It is necessary to have a certification in web designing before applying for this position. The employer itself may disclose other qualification requirements in job postings.

But there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the course per se. If you are a fresher (graduate or higher education) and have creative skills and multitasking capacities, this is the ideal job profile.

Web development

Our next job oriented course in Durgapuris web development, and it also boasts an upward graph in terms of demand. Web developers are responsible for developing the website, running tests, maintaining and updating it.

Web developers should have a basic understanding of web designing concepts, but their main focus is development.

Web development is possible with many platforms, but we will discuss two of them, PHP and Asp.Net.

Why learn web development with PHP?

PHP is a versatile framework supported by multiple devices and operating systems. It is a very easy language to follow and learn, making it popular among students with no prior coding language. PHP is used to develop websites of various categories, so if you learn it, you will do just the same.  

If you want to learn this concept, you can visit the PHP training center in Durgapur. The career prospect of a PHP developer is huge; many small and large-scale companies hire these people. Our choice when it comes to using a PHP framework is Laravel. 

Web development is a rewarding career with a high salary range and multiple opportunities.

If you don’t want to learn PHP, there’s another option for you, Asp.Net. .Net-based websites are also prevalent, and many MNCs (Multinational Companies) hire .Net developers. And the plus point is .Net can also be used to develop different applications other than websites. is quite stable, free, and is the no. 1 choice for reliability. If you want to start from the very basics, check out our job oriented course in Durgapur.

Web development with WordPress

If you have ever written a blog, you are already familiar with WordPress. But it can be used to create websites for business clients, and it is one of the fastest-growing career options.

Prerequisites: If the candidate clearly understands OOPS concepts, he will have an advantage. If you want to learn it, then check out WordPress development courses in Durgapur.

App Development

Just as it seems that websites are not going anywhere, mobile apps are certainly making an entrance. Everyone knows about apps; they are using them (unless they live under a rock)!

Have you ever wondered how cool it would be to create an application like FaceBook or WhatsApp? Or how interesting is the career of an app developer? Then, you can consider our job oriented course in Durgapuron app development.  

App development with Flutter

We mainly prefer Flutter as an app development medium because cross-platform apps are raging. And Flutter is the best tool when it comes to developing these apps.

It allows developers to develop apps for two different platforms (Android or iOS) and can also be used to develop web apps. The career prospect of app development is awesome, and the package is impressive.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of coding will be considered a plus.

Software development

In our job oriented course in Durgapurin software development, we provide courses on a wide range of languages and frameworks. Aside from the ones we have already discussed, we will teach React Native and Angular. If you want the designation of software developer in a company, this is the course to go for. Like all the options, this one comes with many opportunities, and you would be a fool to ignore that.

Let’s consider each of these courses in detail  

Web designing

This job oriented course in Durgapur consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction to Visual Design and Adobe Photoshop
  • Version control with GIT
  • HTML 5 (basic and advanced)
  • CSS3 (basic and advanced)
  • SASS
  • JavaScript and Jquery
  • Web animation
  • Responsive designing concept
  • Landing page designing 
  • Project  

This course aims to help students understand the fundamentals of coding and web designing. The course completion project and the live training will give students a real-world experience. After completing the course and assessment, students will be placed as web designers in Swadesh Softwares.

Our job oriented course in Durgapuron PHP will discuss these modules:

  • Setting up the environment, and IDE (installation and setup)
  • Composer
  • GIT
  • Creating a New Project
  • Basics of PHP
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Creating and routing controllers
  • Data Parsing
  • Middleware
  • Creating views
  • Database and how to work with it
  • Eloquent relationships
  • Advanced Laravel
  • Project and live training   

The goal of this course is to help students master PHP and web development.

What do we cover in our Asp.Net job oriented course in Durgapur?

  • Introduction to RDBMS (entity-relationship models and diagrams)
  • Data normalization and denormalization
  • Database script
  • Database backup
  • Advanced RDBMS
  • Join (Left Outer, Right Outer, Full Outer, Self Join, Cross Join)
  • Clustered indexes
  • Virtual and temp tables
  • Queries
  • Cursors
  • Triggers
  • Commit and rollback
  • Database mail
  • Agent creation
  • Functions (table-valued, scalar-valued, aggregate)
  • Truncate and delete
  • MVC architecture (model, view, controller)
  • Data annotations
  • Partial pages
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Deployment of web applications
  • Advanced web application development (blog, business, eCommerce, Q/A, nonprofit and other websites)
  • Project and live training

Students will gain industry-relevant skills and gain a position as an Asp.Net developer.

Next up, we will discuss WordPress development and how it fares as a job oriented course in Durgapur. It has the following lessons:

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Dashboard & Glossary
  • Environment setup
  • Setting up gravatar, author profile, updating services
  • Discussion and reading settings
  • Permalinks
  • Privacy settings
  • Widgets
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Post and page
  • Navigation menu widgets
  • Custom theme development (basic and advanced)
  • Post types, taxonomy, post and user meta
  • Custom plugin development (and how to use the popular plugins)
  • Contact forms
  • WooCommerce
  • Yoast SEO
  • How to compress images (both JPEG and PNG)?
  • Security and optimization
  • Super Cache
  • Designing
  • Deploying the site on the server

After completing this course, students can add the skill of WordPress development to their resumes.

And lastly, let’s discuss the job oriented course in Durgapurof app development. As stated earlier, students will study Flutter and how to create cross-platform apps with it. So let’s start:

  • Introduction to Flutter and it’s architecture
  • Compilation of Flutter and Dart codes
  • Setting up Flutter
  • Flutter and Material Design
  • Creating a new project
  • Generation of folders and files
  • Analyzing the basic app
  • Basics of Dart
  • How to run the app on Emulator?
  • Building a widget tree
  • Stateful and stateless widgets
  • Visible widgets (input/ output)
  • Invisible widgets (layout/ control)
  • How to add layout widgets?
  • How to connect functions and buttons?
  • How to deal with anonymous functions?
  • How to update widget data?
  • How to use private properties
  • Creating new, customized widgets
  • First styling and layout
  • Enums and multiple constructors
  • Basic and advanced animations
  • Advanced Flutter
  • Navigation across multiple screens
  • State management
  • Using StreamBuilder
  • Sending HTTP requests
  • Working with Google Firebase
  • How to add animations?
  • How to use image pickers and the device camera?
  • How to store the image on the file system?
  • Storing & fetching data with SQLite
  • How to add a location (user input) and the package itself?
  • How to render a dynamic map (for example, Google Maps)?
  • Mini projects
  • How to use Flutter Analyze, security Analyze, and build Android & iOS?
  • How to publish and optimize the app in the marketplace?                

Desired outcome: Students are expected to clearly understand Android and iOS architecture and how to launch apps on the App Store. 

Ideally, anyone can pursue a job oriented course in Durgapur, but the best time would be to start after finishing college/ university. 

Why should you pursue this course?

As stated above, the job market is tough and full of competition and people with that extra edge. These courses provide that extra edge; students can gain new skills and technical expertise on the software, also problem-solving multitasking capacities. All these things combined are known as specialization.

So if you want to specialize in the technology sector and secure a job, you need to pursue these courses.

If you take a step back from these courses because you are afraid of the costs, you are making a wrong decision. Certifications do not need to be costly; Swadesh IT is the proof of that.

You can choose a preferred job oriented course in Durgapurfrom the options presented above. You will have the flexibility to choose any of them; you can choose multiple courses and complete them one by one.

After completing the course, you can be sure of your job’s security and get networking opportunities while working. The instructors teach at a pace comfortable for each student, and you can increase it according to your convenience with time.  

Why choose Swadesh IT?

We have the best instructors in our team. If you choose any of these courses, you will meet industry experts and train under them. You will learn the theoretical concepts and how to use them in real-world scenarios. They will help you if you are stuck while working on projects. They can also arrange evaluation tests to check your strengths and weaknesses.

The institute has a record of placing students, and it’s unbroken till now. So, you don’t have to be disappointed after completing the course. And we provide a comfortable learning experience to our students. So, you don’t have to worry about any distractions, and we will help you even after hours.

You will get to advance your career through a job oriented course in Durgapurprovided by Swadesh IT. If you are working, then you can change your department and career. And when you switch companies, you will get a good percentage hike.

You don’t have to stick to only one course. You can register for multiple courses simultaneously or choose to do a second course after getting placed; it’s your choice.

Conclusion: The IT industry is one of those few ones where the hiring trend grows exponentially. This might be your best shot at becoming a certified PHP, Asp.NET, WordPress, Flutter software developer. Don’t miss this opportunity to shape your career and get the most out of it.