Course: Android Development

Android Development

Course Content

Android App development is open-source in nature. A constant up-gradation is necessary when you are working on Android & iOS platforms. The module for Android course in Durgapur needed revision, and Swadesh IT was the one to feel the urgency. With the introduction of the Industry based courses, Swadesh IT aims towards the best IT skills imparting to every candidate who enrolls with us. From developing the app to the publishing of the same in the play store is all taught under expert guidance. Hard skills and soft skills both go hand in hand in Swadesh IT. You get completely job-ready at the end of the course

Introduction to Android Course

  • What is Flutter
  • Understanding the Flutter Architecture
  • How Flutter & Dart Code Gets Compiled To Native Apps
  • Windows Setup for Flutter
  • Flutter & Material Design

Basics of Flutter

  • Creating a New Project
  • An Overview of the Generated Files & Folders
  • Analyzing the Default App
  • Dart Basics
  • Running the App on an Emulator

GUI Designing 

  • Building a Widget Tree
  • Stateful & Stateless Widgets
  • Visible (Input / Output) & Invisible (Layout / Control) Widgets
  • Adding Layout Widgets
  • Connecting Functions & Buttons
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Updating Widget Data
  • Using Private Properties
  • Creating a New, Custom Widget
  • First Styling & Layouting Steps
  • Enums & Multiple Constructors
  • Animation Basic

Flutter Advanced

  • Navigation & Multiple Screens
  • State Management
  • Using StreamBuilder
  • Sending Http Requests
  • Working with Google Firebase
  • Adding Animations

Using Native Device Features

  • Using Image Picker & The Device Camera
  • Storing the Image on the Filesystem
  • Storing & Fetching Data with SQLite
  • Adding a Location Input & The “location” Package
  • Rendering a Dynamic Map (via Google Maps)

Live Project

Optimization and Publishing

  • Using Flutter Analyze
  • Security Analyze
  • Building App for Android & IOS
  • App Publishing in Marketplace 

Outcome of Android course in Durgapur

  • Gain a complete understanding of the Android & iOS Architectures.
  • Build and publish Android Apps in the market place
  • Become proficient in Mobile App Development