Challenges That A Fresher In The Software Development Process Faces

In the software development process, challenges are common points. The tasks that are tough for the developers are considered challenges. As a fresher in this field, these challenges can create problems, so read the blog to know how to fix it.

If you want to know about software development in simple words, then the process of building a software application is known as software development.

Here are some examples of software development:

There is a huge demand for software developers in the market. So you can join the Best Software Training Institute in Durgapur to do courses on it.

After completing a course, you will be a software developer where your responsibility will be to develop amazing software applications/products using your creative mind and your education.

Here are some types of software developer which you can choose to explore as your career after completion of the course:

  • Web developer
  • Mobile App developer
  • Desktop developer
  • Graphics developer
  • Game developer
  • Big data developer
  • Embedded developer
  • Security developer
  • Cloud developer
  • DevOps developer

After completing this course, it is natural that you will choose one of the jobs mentioned above. But there is an important point you must know to stay careful in the future: that is the common mistake you will face as a programmer.

As you know that from mistakes, we learn something; likewise, we also lose something. So it is better to avoid those mistakes.

Let us have a look at the common mistakes that a fresher faces:

Unable to understand the user
The Problem:

In the software development process, user-centricity is not an option rather a priority. So it is necessary to know what your users want to develop a software that is customer-centric.

Also, building software is not enough, and you should also prioritize your customer’s opinions about the work. Their opinions vary based on the developer working in the development team.

But if you think from the developers’ point of view, you will observe that it is tough for a new programmer to understand their user’s wants as they rarely interact with them directly.

That’s why throughout the development process, project management techniques are used to make the process easier for the development team to update the software based on their user’s demands. But also this problem is not properly solved, and still, it can be a challenging factor to the programmers who are learning the ropes to balance the users’ requirements with the lack of access to them.

The Fix:

As you know from the market experience that the person who will use your software will be considered as your end-users.

Your end-users might know what task they want the software to accomplish, but they are unaware of its features. So as a software developer, it is your responsibility to figure out the features of the software.

Follow these two steps to ensure your end-users know about the software:

  1. Talk with those people from your company who have direct access to the users. If you are eager to know what your users expect about the software, meet user experience experts or designers. User experience experts’ basic requirement is to approach each software with a human-centered design approach. They also provide direct access to the users using the end product after the software is fully developed. The insight of the user will provide the direction to their code.
  2. Test your product: Test your product if you want to know what your users think about your product. For example, successful companies like Apple often release beta versions of their products to see how users will react to them before they are officially launched. This helps them fix any bugs and any issues users might point out.
The Problem:

To develop any software requires a lot of time, so after working for days on perfecting a program, the developers go home satisfied that the software will work like it is supposed to.

But when you join your office the next day, your colleague from quality assurance (QA) will provide you with a long list of bugs on which you are required to work.

They cannot click the “Cancel” button on the web form, as it isn’t clickable. The next bug is the grammar on the error messages isn’t right, and similar other errors in the software, which is causing hitches in the user experience.

Debugging is a big term for new programmers. Some bugs are easy to debug, but some can lead to lost development time and endless frustration for new programmers.

But the good news in the debugging process is that bugs are common in programming. So even the best-written code is enough for debugging. And the bugs can be fixed.

The Fix:

In professional football, it is believed that the best defense is a good offense. So if this concept is applied to programming, then the best defense against bugs is a good debugging strategy.

As a new programmer, incorporating debugging strategies can help you, too. Here is what you can do as a fresher:

  • Reproducing the error: It can be a strain if you spend countless hours on a problem and try hard and soul to fix it, but you don’t understand the problem. So to fix your bugs, you have to first understand why they happened. How do they happen? So start by reproducing them, which will help you find the bug and give you a good idea of how to fix them.
  • Get help: This tip might be obvious to the developers or programmers, but when projects are on a critical deadline, most new programmers tend to panic first and think later. So it is preferable for the fresher that if he can’t reproduce a bug, he must get help. The tester who will find the bug in the software can help reproduce it for you.

So to face these challenges confidently, it is preferred for the IT aspirant to join a software development training institute like Swadesh IT for proper guidance and skill building.

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