Career As An App Developer In The Post-Pandemic Era

COVID-19 has come into our life as a challenge for a progressive future. But one has to make the right choice by checking the career trends and get the necessary skills instead of being depressed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone on a worldwide basis. Everyone has found their life difficult, from students to business owners, during the lockdown, starting from education to financial condition. Businesses have suffered severe losses in the lockdown, especially small-scale storeowners, as their primary asset was their storefront and physical location for generating traffic and sales. Many large-scale industries had to be shut down due to the lockdown and shortage in supply of raw materials. Also, there was a strict prohibition of foreign trade. COVID-19 era is the pinnacle of digitization because the android app industry grew and expanded post-lockdown.

Android apps are now more than just a marketing platform for businesses; and they are also a survival tool, as the demand for android increases during the pandemic. So If one wants to make his career as an android app developer, then positively Android app development courses in Durgapur will be beneficial for them. From the recent statistics, it is known that there is a surge in the number of app downloads for diverse industries- education, healthcare, on-demand food delivery, and the like.

On-demand grocery apps:

These are among the top app categories that witnessed a surge in the number of downloads and usage. If you go through the recent statistics, you will see that the number of downloads hit 106 million between March 29 and April 4, 2020, with the help of leading polls.

These on-demand grocery apps offer a swift service, contactless payment, and doorstep delivery. For these reasons, people seek these apps as their savior in these troubling times, and also, you do not have to go out, which is a risky factor in this pandemic. So the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for on-demand grocery delivery apps. Also, if you look after the business factor, this idea is a startup opportunity and a way to ensure customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

Education apps:

This is the most important sector because this is one sector which is severely affected by the pandemic. But technology and mobile apps have made it possible for individuals, students, and teachers to continue learning online despite the lockdown.

So, education apps are another app category which is in huge demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

Gaming Apps:

For young children or young students, educational gaming apps are entertaining and help them refresh about what they learned from online classes.

Also, there are other types of education apps, like language learning apps, which witnessed a surge in downloads. The students and the working-class individuals have availed their time in quarantine to enhance their existing skills and gain new ones. It also makes their minds fresh as many people are suffering from depression due to lockdown, the losses they are facing, and concern about their future.

Healthcare apps:

This was the most important app in this pandemic era because the hospitals are flooded with Corona patients, so other medical patients find it challenging to visit their doctors. So the android app developers have seen a growth in the demand for healthcare apps.

Aside from purchasing medicines and medical kits online, these apps will also allow the doctors to check up on their patients, offer consultations, tests, and prescriptions without visiting the chamber or to the hospital or pharmacy. Social distancing helps to emphasize the importance of our digital health tools, and the risk of getting affected by COVID-19 is also reduced.

That is why healthcare mobile app development will continue to advance in the post-COVID-19 era starting from home-test kits to self-reporting and tracking apps.

On-demand video & music streaming apps:

These apps help motivate and provide entertainment to the people who are quarantined in their homes; on-demand streaming apps have also witnessed a surge in the number of downloads and increased usage of entertaining apps. Students and the working class, and the people working from home have turned to online music and video streaming apps to pass their time.

There are many streaming apps which have gained a surplus in downloads during the lockdown.

Social apps:

Social media had become an integral part of our everyday lives even before the pandemic, but after the spread of the Coronavirus, it is not just a source of entertainment; it is also a way to connect with our friends and family during the crisis because these apps always worked as good communicators.

Aside from communication and entertainment, these apps are also a way for people to get every update on the pandemic and climatic change in other world areas. In this pandemic era, everybody needs to know the updates on the global crisis, and also it is necessary to have a constant connection with families.

Many social apps have experienced a surge in downloads and usage by users across the globe. They all have also witnessed an increase in the number of video and audio calls during the lockdown.

Communication apps:

This COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government to imply lockdown and social distancing laws. These laws forced companies and businesses to close up shop and switch to working from home. If there are no communication apps, it would be difficult for them to continue their jobs and businesses from home.

Business meetings were conducted via platforms, like that teachers also used it for online classes, give assignments, and communicate with their students. These platforms allowed the business teams, teachers to ensure a seamless workflow, despite the distance.

These communication apps will make your work convenient to hold conference calls and allow you to share files, documents, and images of all sizes and thus make your work from home a breeze during the pandemic.

Thus android apps are very much demanding in this post-pandemic era, and so you can imagine the demand of good and skilled app developers. So you can do app or web development courses from a Web Development Training Institute in Durgapur to get a bright future.

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