Best PHP Based Frameworks To Boost Your CV

best php frameworks

Building a career in Software development is half complete with knowledge only in a particular language. We all have heard about frameworks, but have we ever tried to find out the details behind a framework or about the topmost frameworks that may put a star to your career? Before plunging into the vast field of PHP and its frameworks, let’s have a brief idea about what Framework actually is. 

PHP being one of the most widely used programming languages in software development is more acceptable and in demand. Coming to the framework part, defining it would help you understand the process closely. Frameworks are web-based platforms for building applications more productively. They form the base for application customization according to your needs and requirements. Developers are today looking for the best PHP training centre in Durgapur to gain a thorough knowledge on the latest frameworks of the language.

Top PHP frameworks

The quest for right PHP courses starts only after you have some knowledge on the latest PHP frameworks at work in the industry.


Unarguably the most popular PHP framework of all is Laravel. Though a relatively new framework, Laravel is easy to learn because of its complete documentation. The features are as follows:

  • Laravel is a PHP framework that holds the capacity to create outstanding application designs with the help of dynamic content seeding.
  • One of the most insightful ORM combined with the easiest PHP active record implementation is Laravel.
  • Laravel consists of several built-in-functions for better documentation.


One of the high performing frameworks from PHP is the Symfony Framework which is an MVC based system including a reusable and easy maintenance coding system.

  • Symfony consists of the most updated set of reusable and decoupled components.
  • This framework is also a quite popular name among other PHP frameworks because of its high security against Cross-site request forgery.
  • Symfony also supports standardization and interoperability in terms of applications.


Next comes one of the most challenging PHP frameworks in terms of learning, Zend PHP. Being an Open-source framework, Zend lays the basic structure for your web application. The features of Zend are: 

  • It is among the fast PHP frameworks in the industry.
  • Zend is an Object-oriented web application framework that fosters the implementation of an advanced MVC framework.
  • With Zend, URI routing is flexible and also supports Postgre SQL involving multi-databases.
  • With this framework, Data encryption and RESTful API development back up are available. 

Codeigniter:  When we think of any old frameworks of PHP, CodeIgniter is one that comes on top of the list. This framework is well documented and so highly popular among beginners.

  • The framework is MVC based and a full-featured database with vast platform support.
  • The CodeIgnitor is also a query builder database which extends a strong base for Form and Data validation.


Being more than a decade old, CakePHP is still one of the most preferred PHP frameworks in the industry. Clubbed with speed, reliability, and security, CakePHP stands tall in the crowd. CakePHP features are:

  • Easy installation along with numerous customizable features.
  • With CakePHP, you can assure data validation in a much flexible manner.
  • Helpers, Behavior, Components, and Plugins can be extended much easily. 


FuelPHP Framework came into the market in 2011. It is also an Open Source Framework. Fuel PHP is a Community-Driven Framework where almost anyone can be a contributor. The features are as follows:

  • Fuel PHP is one of the easy to configure frameworks of PHP that is also flexible in use. 
  • This is also a modular, extendable, and portable framework that can easily accustom to any server.
  • Being a lightweight ORM Model, FuelPHP also features flexible URI routing system. 
  • The most significant thing about FuelPHP is that it is an apt framework for delivering end-to-end web solutions of varied sizes and complexities.


This is one of the unique frameworks as it employs the C and C++ coding style for its development. Let’s note the features that Phalcon extends for development.

  • Phalcon PHP known as one of the fastest frameworks for PHP. 
  • Being a full-stack open-source framework, Phalcon reserves the capacity to create an independent structure for development.  
  • For any specific task implementation, Phalcon requires less of coding 
  • Not only this, this framework provides ORM, templating engine, caching, routing, etc. 
  • Exceptional attributes of Phalcon like asset management, translation, universal autoloader, and security make it a robust framework in the crowd.


Simple yet powerful web applications and APIs are quickly written by a Framework that is popularly known as Slim PHP. This lightweight PHP framework is used for developing RESTful APIs. 

  • With Slim PHP, the developers can easily map the call-backs or functions to HTTP. 
  • Smile also serves as layers to support developers to create and modify HTTP requests


When the requirement of a high-performance framework was felt, PHPixie was introduced as a solution for read-only websites in 2012. 

  • To develop most enterprise applications, PHPixie is the best solution as it’s quite simple, flexible to use and secure.
  • With PHPixie’s advanced security feature, one can secure hashes, random tokens, and cookie handling.
  • The code flow of PHPixie is Linear as it does not support events.
  • This framework being more adaptable, overrideable, and expandable, is the most successful framework among rest.  


Last but not the least, another high-performance framework that rules the market is the Yii2. This is because it is the framework that can be used in developing any web application using PHP. Best features of this framework:

  • The Yii2 framework is the most extensible and technology-wise modern. 
  • It is highly effective in using the PHP5 exception mechanism. 

Every framework indeed has its pros and cons. Based on the developer’s coding style and preferences, the selection of a framework is made. A PHP training institute in Durgapur will be the correct point of contact to guide you through your requirements regarding the best way to boost your career through a course on the PHP framework. 

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