Android App Development Frameworks To Rule In 2020

Android App Development courses in Durgapur

Nearly 2.9 million apps have been available in the Goggle PlayStore for download by the end of 2019. This makes the fact clear that businesses are highly dependent on Apps to expand their boundaries online. Companies have realized that an app goes further in capturing the market and build connection with prospects. With growing engagement opportunities of apps, the utilization of digital space by start-ups and head honchos have become a must.

Looking at these growing opportunities, the demand for Android App Development courses in Durgapur is rising in leaps and bounds. Android is often considered the best OS in building custom apps and right framework selection becomes important. Awareness about the available frameworks would help in deciding on your choice of Android App development training institute more wisely. Let’s checkout few most basic App development frameworks to make your learning a confident one.


If your interest is in games app development, Unity is the framework that you need to be a master in. Unity is the best framework that encourages multi-platform 2D 3D augmented reality as well as virtual reality games. Developed by Unity Technologies, C# powered Unity Script is quite similar to Javascript. Unity is a cross-platform framework allowing games to export to multiple platforms like Web, iOS, Playstation, Web, Windows, Xbox, etc.


Kotlin officially an Integrated Development Environment is a static modern programming language. It makes Android development possible through object-oriented programming. This framework is interoperable for Java language and also runs smoothly on Java Virtual Machine. Since it works to streamline the development process, it poses to be a replacement. Those who have knowledge and flair for Java can have a good hold on this framework with brief training.


Google developed Flutter is Free and open-source mobile UI that allows the developer to create a native mobile application with only one codebase. Dart is a far easier language to master than Typescript and Kotlin/Java and also well suited for those who have a base of Java. One who has a knowledge base of programming dart can pick up quickly since its syntax is easily comparable with JavaScript. Most Android App training institutes provide training on Flutter being easy to learn and work on.

Corona SDK

When it is to develop speedy apps and games, Corona SDK is the perfect software development kit. It is the USP of this framework that an android development is possible 10 times faster with it. Corona SDK integrates with a multi-paradigm and lightweight programming language known as Lua. Lua a C++/ OpenGL layered language allows programming at high speed with more flexibility and usability. Since Corona SDK works on a single code, it can be used to work in diverse development situations, making it a bit critical to adopt; once adopted, it can bring out the master in you. And this is the reason why learning the framework from a reputed android app development coaching center is mandatory.  

Sencha Touch:

Built for native mobile application development, Sencha-Touch is an enterprise-first framework. It is also considered to be one of the best Android development frameworks that one can master. The framework works on JavaScript and HTML5 that helps in creating Apps that are universally accepted. Sencha touch is certified to be a highly professional framework that makes development one of the most enthralling experiences. It has nearly 50 built-in UI components and native themes for most eye-catching and captivating apps.


The one open-source framework that is certified by MIT and allows its developers to create the most advanced apps in the market is the Ionic. The framework is based on CSS3, HTML 5, and JavaScript. The ability of Ionic to integrate AngularJS and its cross-platform functionalities makes Ionic one of the most popular frameworks for app development. Ionic reserves a big base of about 4 million apps worked by 5 million developers in nearly 200 countries across the globe. Android courses, including training on Ionic, is the right choice if someone aims to build a career in App development.

The App Builder

This is an HTML5 framework that allows a codeless user interface that makes coding possible without any knowledge in creating a solid app. The pre-built blocks and drag and drop interface makes the development process exciting and quick. The App Builder comprises of a number of development-friendly features like content updates, feedback, push, polls, notifications, and many more. The best feature of this framework is that it enables direct submission of the app in the Google Play store that also lifts social network integration.  


One can bank upon the SproutCore framework to build blazingly fast applications with super-advanced features. This is another JavaScript-based open-source framework that, unlike other frameworks, is backed by a complete set of tools that are required to build a desktop-based application inclusive of UI components, routing, testing & deployment tools. Numerous other business-friendly features make Sproutsource a sturdy package to build a high-performance application.  


All the frameworks mentioned above are the most worked ones in the industry, and a reasonable knowledge in any of these frameworks can no doubt help you build a decent career in App development.

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