Android App Development; One Of The Most Trending Areas In IT

Android App Development

Android Apps cover a huge segment in the App development industry. Know how a career in Android App Development would be the most rewarding in the coming days.

In today’s world, the Android operating system by Google is everywhere and conquering every sector with its fast advancement in technology and regular upgradation. According to statistic research portals, like Android covers the lion’s share i.e., more than 80% of the total smartphone market. So, there is a demand for certified professionals who have due certifications in varied technologies that are entering the industry from time to time. Institutes offering Android App Development courses in Durgapur extend industry-oriented training with supportive certifications that makes your mark in the industry. But, before starting a career path, you need to be very careful and informed about the prospects of the same. This article will act as a brief overview of the prospects of App development industry in the coming days.

Android App Development is Open Source; You are Free to Innovate:

With the growing demand of smartphones in the global market, according to IDC, Android is capturing a huge share in the market. The android operating system being open source was available for codes by smartphone giants like HTC, Samsung & ASUS (to name some), and they used it easily for app development. This feature of android gives the developers flexibility and freedom to adapt and edit the available programming codes as per their necessity. Developers also have the opportunity to experiment and develop exceptional apps with the help of source codes and their excellent development skills.

Huge App Market Offered by Google Play Store:

Ever since the Google Play store has come into the market, the joy of experiencing the world with different kind of apps has multiplied tenfold. There is never any dull moment when it comes to technology, and Google play store is another such example. The most latest and updated apps build-out of ideas and necessities with all details and competitors are available in the Google Play Store, also creating opportunities for innovation of all types. It started as ‘Android Market’ and now is popular as Google Play Store which holds a library of apps to an average of 2,714,499, which is likely to rise further towards the end of 2020.

Booming Job Market:

The point mentioned above is enough as it evidence that the demand for Android Apps is ever rising, and also, the highly lucrative revenue model of Android makes the opportunity for most organizations to have a dedicated team of Android App developers. This leads to a fast rise in the recruitment of app developers in the coming days. Another very attractive fact is that there is an equal scope for freelancers in the industry. The application developer has also become another very promising career because one who knows Android app development can develop apps in other operating systems as well.

Lucrative Revenue Model:

The costliest app in Google Play Store is the Abu Moto Collection App, which is priced at $200! The fact is actual. Google Play Store offers its developers the opportunity to market apps at prices of their own, which makes it a highly rewarding platform for developers of any range. Even if you develop an app of very low cost and the number of total Android phones activated daily is 1.5 million, 1% of these users, if download the app, then your income will be something mind-blowing. You can generate revenue from Play Store in two ways:

Firstly, through App downloads wherein the Google store will deduct a fixed price and then post the app,

Secondly, through Ad Revenue which is very common among free apps where Google will pay revenue for posting ads.

Excellent Online Community Support:

Android App development is growing in strength with every updating technology. One of the main reasons for Android App development being highly popular is the strong developer communities. These support groups, online communities, and forums growing at a steady pace, encourage many budding developers by providing great resources on various Android Development Frameworks to learn. They pose to be a great platform to learn and network with experienced ones from across the globe.

Challenging Career With Ample Growth:

The word technology itself depicts a sense of challenge as it’s ever-changing. A career in Android App development offers continuous changes, inventions, and re-inventions. Now as you have acquired the skills from certified Android development courses, you can design and launch new innovative apps and release them in the market, which will give you the first mover’s advantage in the industry.

Variety of Job Opportunities:

A certified professional in App development has ample opportunities in the industry and can be recruited in different designations. Here is a list of job designations for android professionals:

  1. Android Engineer
  2. Mobile Architect
  3. Android Developer
  4. Mobile App Developer
  5. Mobile Lead Software Engineer
  6. Android Mobile Developer
  7. Mobile Embedded Software Engineer
  8. Mobile Developer

Good payout for skilled professionals: According to Paysa, one of the most handsomely paid professionals in the IT sector are the App developers with an average pay of around $89,000. Skilled professionals are always in high demand in this industry. The salary has increased slowly and steadily and is not something momentary. This growth shows the advantages of a stable and growing market wherein the job market for certified professionals is expected to grow by 32% from 2010 to 2020, paving way for 3 lac new job opportunities.

For your information, new job opportunities will be for Android and iOS app development as these giants capture more than 90% of the smartphone OS. One who is skilled adequately through certified Android Development institute will have no dearth of job opportunities ever in his career.

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