8 worth-trying Database project ideas to create a diverse portfolio

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Learning database management is one of the best options for any IT aspirant. Get hold of the best industry-based internship in Durgapur.

Database Management is one of the most in-demand careers in the IT industry. This industry runs on the analysis of data and then deciding future goals based on that data.

So, data is an essential factor in this industry and several other selected industries.

The person who deals with the management of this data is the Database Administrator. And this profile is a high-paying one, and therefore you can build a great career with this skill.

A Database Management Internship in Durgapur is a great way to learn this skill. In addition, there are several training centers where you can master this skill under the guidance of experts.

But you need to practice this skill by heart instead of learning for the sake of its demand in the industry. Also, while you are getting trained by a professional, you also have to explore the field yourself.

For this, you can start working on small-scale database projects. This will help you know the field better and get acquainted with the challenges faced while executing a live project.

Data is generated in large amounts in any company, and this data is stored in software or cloud technology.

So, look at some database projects you can try to execute as a learner.

Database Management Internship

#1 Inventory control Management

An inventory management technology is an essential tool for any product-based business. For example, a mall, a warehouse, or a wholesale business needs such technology to keep track of its stock and sales.

In an inventory management system, you have to include the standard features which will help it function well.

The features are: maintaining a variety of items, optimizing the inventory, increasing turnover, figuring out low prices for raw materials, and so on.

#2 School Record Keeping System

As you can guess from the name, this type of system is used in schools. All the students, staff, and teachers in a school have their data.

Now, to manage this data and make it available whenever it’s needed, the use of such a system is essential. Joining the Database Management Internship in Durgapur will help you execute the project better.

Until the early 2000s, there was not much use of software in schools. But gradually, with time limitations and as technology is becoming available, the majority of the schools in towns and cities look forward to using the software.

This shows that these ideas are highly relevant in the market, and you can undoubtedly upskill yourself in them.

#3 Online Retail Applications

Retail software applications have become an essential part of the retail industry. It streamlines a bunch of tasks that otherwise have to be done manually, leading to errors and delays.

Here, you can try to create a simple online retail system that will have the following functions for the customers:

  • Can sign up or register
  • Have their dashboard
  • Add their Bank account and bank name
  • Unique customer ID will be generated for them
  • Can add different classes of products in diverse quantities

Finally, the system should be able to calculate the total prices exclusive of discounts and then generate a bill for the customer. Also, there will be a payment gateway where customers will complete their payments.

#4 College Database Project

This project is based on providing the college faculties a platform to manage all their data, including student enrollment details, the number of pursued courses, grades, and assignments.

The IT Internships in Durgapur will help you learn the concepts faster. If you have any doubts, you can clear them from the trainers and complete your project.

You can add the project to your portfolio and showcase it to the trainers. If there are any flaws, they will guide you to correct them while giving you new ideas to improve its functionality.

#5 Railway System Database

You can also try to make a prototype of a Railway System. The system should model the following:

  • Stations
  • Tracks and connecting stations
  • Trains, with their ID and names
  • Keeping a record of the arrival and departure of each train

To make it simple, you can presume that each train reaches its destination and returns on the same day.

Another feature of the system will record the details of the booking passengers, their names and coaches, booking date, seat and departure, and arrival destination.

#6 Hospital Management System

A hospital management system will keep a record of all the data generated by the hospital. Also, there will be a unique ID of the patients along with their personal details, their disease, and ongoing treatment.

This will also help the doctors to keep track of everything and promote the treatment of multiple patients by one doctor. The internships for IT students in Durgapur are the best to learn database management.

The system should also be able to generate a bill on the treatment type and duration.

#7 Payroll Management System

You have probably heard of the payroll management system. You can also create such a system that will provide employees with a unique ID at first.

The system should be able to calculate the joining date, employee designation, department, and number of leaves.

Based on this data, it will calculate each month’s salary for each employee. In addition, there should be a function of adding the DA, HRA, and medical allowance, while charges for the Hostel/Bus, Security, and welfare fund will be deducted.

#8 Wholesale Management System

Wholesale businesses also have to deal with a large amount of product stock. Now, maintaining all of the product names, their remaining quantity, sold quantity, and prices manually would be daunting.

Hence, many wholesale business owners use wholesale management software to streamline their tasks.

The system should be able to:

  • Record the details of stock ID, name, and quantity.
  • Maintain the details of buyers like their ID, name, address, and stock ID.
  • Defaulters’ list of customers not paying the remaining amount
  • Calculate every month’s profit

So, these are the ideas you can implement while continuing the training too. The sole purpose of investing your time in building these database systems is to create a diverse portfolio.

This portfolio will give you a competitive advantage over others. You can join the Database Management Internship at Swadesh IT to learn and be a Database Administrator.


Is it worth learning Database Management from Durgapur?

  • Learning database management from the training institutes in Durgapur will let you get trained by industry experts.

How long will be the internship duration in Durgapur?

  • The duration of the internships will depend upon the training institute that you are joining.

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