5 Simple Ways To Remain Proactive In Job Search During The Pandemic

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Today is a time of gross uncertainty. Everywhere there is a crisis. Job crises are one of the leading and biggest issues for not only the fresh employees but also for those looking for a change. Previously, successful pass-outs from android development course in Durgapur followed the normal process of a job application, interview, selection, and posting and joining at the respective office location. The scenario has changed massively amid the pandemic. You have to first ask yourself if your android course has made you able for remote working. Many companies have already reassessed their hiring needs as a step to combat the slowdown.

On the other hand, IT companies are experiencing an unprecedented rise in the hiring curve based on their high site traffic and remote operations. For example, if you have done the android development course and technically skilled in the domain, you will still be in demand. For many companies, remote interviewing is the only resort to run the business. This growth in job opportunities in the IT sector is a dream-come-true for many. At the same time, those who prefer an on-site job have to wait for some more time for the situation to revive. Remote working is now the new norm ensuring more flexibility in the long run.

Here is a quick read on how to carry on your job search in a changed job scenario in the global pandemic situation.

Lean into Your Job Search

Though every industry is experiencing a slowdown, performers are not still ahead in job search anyway. They know how to keep them matched to every situation. They always keep track of the job market and know when new jobs are out. Remaining at home, they upgrade themselves with various android development course or any other software courses based on the industry. The economic slowdown is not a reason to stop your job search and refrain from open headcount. No company can afford complete lockdown. Some way or the other, they will be and are running the show. They are sure to come up with contingency plans and frame new hiring policies for setting hiring goals. Your best deal will be to grab a job offer, and the downside will be upskilling yourself from the same spot.

Make Every Interview Count

While many companies have shut down and many positions have been dissolved, there are still opportunities for those who work harder and smarter. You will find your friends taking up Android development courses to prepare for an app-based job market. Many are joining in other skills updating courses in the industry to ensure cracking any interview they face. This is the time to make yourselves strong enough to negotiate your standpoint if you get the offer creatively. This is the aptest time to negotiate about the job location if you have some concerns about it. This way, you will get the opportunity to gain your company’s trust in your remote work. As many interviews as you face, you will be taking more opportunities to hone your skills and get ready for the new work culture. Take advantage of the silver lining and make every interview add stars to your experience.

Follow up with Companies

The nature of recruitment prevailing in every sector is pretty volatile, and several factors are causing the feedback process to delay. Keeping the crisis in mind, applicants need to be more proactive in their approach. They need to move forward and steer the conversation at times to take things forward. Give a courtesy call after a few days of your interview process, adding to inform your updated availability. In this approach, being more genuine, empathetic, and pragmatic will make you closer to any update on your application/interview status. Some company may also notify their recruitment freeze on their portals, here you need to approach with patience. Give a call a week or ten days later to check the scenario. Your focus during this time will be on relationship building rather than job seeking. 

Talk For a Remote Onsite

Suppose you are well trained with the industry-oriented android coursesand are fit for a particular position of a company located out of your town. They don’t want to move forward because of the geographical boundaries, suggest them with your availability over Video Interview. Your flexibility and adoption of newer trends and the scope of not stalling their priorities may help them accept the change. In this new interview process, sharing of any previous remote work experience may help in rapport building.

Negotiate for an Indefinite Remote Work policy

“Stay at Home” is one thing that is being propagated during this phase of the Pandemic outbreak caused by Coronavirus. Most companies are restricting in-office work culture following government guidelines. It is a point of concern to join such a company where employee health and safety is not taken seriously. If you got a chance, never leave to negotiate an indefinite policy of remote work for the long run since this virus is here to stay.


To conclude, when the external things are not in your hands, it is better to gear yourself up with an android development course and change your approach to being more proactive. Secondly, keep upgrading and keep moving closer to your goals even when the situation is different. Your dream job can only be yours if you keep yourself ready and open for it.

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