10 scientific tips for effective Web Design

The design of your website matters a lot in the success of your business online. Know about the scientifically proven tips to improve your website design.

When you take your business online, there are several factors that determine the success of it. A very important one of them is the Website design. It has been reported by half of the businessmen that a good and attractive website design has taken their online presence to desirable heights. But if asked about the tips for effective web design they would always come up with general points or may be with ones those could confuse you the most. Web design is highly subjective, what one finds important may be hideous for another. Professional web design training is must to know scientific ways to create effective web design. This article will educate you about how you can design an effective website that is profitable for your business.

Keep site speed on the top of your priority list

One most important factor in Web Design is the site speed. Site speed is the least debated factor for being highly crucial for web designing. Once the speed is perfect it takes care over other factors like user satisfaction, revenue and conversions as well. Visitors mostly lack time and patience for slow loading sites and they will bounce if they find your site to be so. Search engines help users search the best answers as fast as possible. In this process, while indexing your site if it is found slow, search engines will rank you low and your site will fail to reach the SEO standards. 

Make use of the fold

Some say fold is of not any importance these days and others are of different opinion related to the fold. This brings it to a heated discussion related to web designing. To make most out of the fold use a clear and descriptive headline, put in your main call to action more importantly images, videos and graphics must be used. For detailed knowledge on proper use of these, a web design training centre in Durgapur would be the best choice. 

Consider the Hicks Law

Hicks Law says that the more choices individuals have the more time they will take to reach a decision. The same is the case with a supermarket and the same can be the case with your website. The more options you will have the more time your clients will take while hovering through your site and delay in reaching the decision. So, it is to important to reduce the number of menu items, limiting the form fields, focusing on one call to action, display only those social icons you are active on, stick to single goal per page. 

Keep it as simple as possible

A study by Google has revealed that the more complex your website will be the less likely it is to be preferred by your visitors. The theme of less continues to be a hit factor for website design as well. Along with being simple also remember to work on the sidebar. More and more websites are not considering sidebar as a useful part of the website design. Single column design is winning in popularity as it involves less distraction and more focus. People love to stick to familiar layouts and get disturbed with non-standard site designs. While remaining familiar in design you can opt other ways to stand out.

Try to make less use of Carousels, Sliders, Tabs and Accordions

Carousels are the most loved features by the website owners and most designers are requested to work on the same. But researchers say the opposite. According to Notre Dame University, these are the most useless ones in the website design. The webmaster has found the first slide on a carousel to receive the maximum clicks and views while the rest were ignored grossly. Likewise, Tabs and accordions also face the same problem of getting ignored as carousels and sliders. This brings to the conclusion that visitors hardly read through the entire page. They generally scan the page and stick to what interests them more. 

Prioritize scrolling over clicking

Instead of stuffing your information into carousels and sliders there is one great way to educate your visitors with maximum engagement and that is putting everything in a long page. This really works. Instead of having short dedicated pages if your website contains longer pages with all information rightly tucked in results in assured conversions. It is a proven fact that visitors prefer scrolling than clicking.  

Direct attention through Visual Cues

One of the very interesting web design facts is guiding users. This can be done by putting different weight to different elements. You can do this even by without being more subtle in steering your client’s attention. Sometimes being blunt about this can also help. 

Make use of people in pictures but avoid stock photos

Both in real life and in web,  humans tend to connect more with people surfing. So, including people in the images is a great idea to keep your visitors engaged. A real photo based landing page goes miles in creating positive impression on a visitor than that of a text based landing page. This is a very simple yet easy tip to gear up website design but can be completely disturbed with stock photos. If you are using images on your website, then try to use genuine and real ones. 

Use right list order

You can make your information more accessible to your visitors through ordered or even unordered lists. Human attention is highly fickle and it is proven that the first few and the last few items in the list are remembered the most. So, to create right impression put your products in the right order in the list. 

Make use of Social Proof

Human nature is to follow others. If you can prove acceptance of your products, services and offerings socially by others as well then it is quite likely that you would have a good follower base. This can be widely done through Social Media shares and likes. Take your website to public through social media profiles, testimonials, media mentions and much more. These are some tips that designers learn in their web design training and practice in taking businesses to the top of their success. Hope these tips discussed in this article could add some value to your web design idea.

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