10 best software Development courses for Beginners


Getting a job in Software is not a big deal any more. If you have the necessary skill set, there won’t be a dearth in opportunities. Some major job pockets in the industry are mentioned here.

One of the fastest-growing and biggest employers in the country is the Software Industry. Even during the pandemic, this was among the less affected industries. Over a long period, the IT industry has remained a prime contributor to its GDP. In 2017 the IT industry itself employed more than 4 million people and extended indirect employment opportunities to more than 10 million people as per Statista. This is one reason fresh graduates are religiously looking for the best software training institute in Durgapur. With a vision to compete the Global IT giants, Indian tech companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro are scaling rapidly with a rise in the demand for talented brains in the field. Professionals with additional qualifications side by side to academic degrees have a higher value in the IT job market. Below mentioned are the areas in the IT field which are going to boom shortly.

Mobile App Development:

Thanks to the ever-increasing use of Mobile devices in India, the Mobile App Development market is booming. It’s been a long time, and more now that companies are switching to mobile apps to reach out to a broader audience base. If you have basic knowledge in popular languages like Java, C, C++, and C#, you would be able to open doors to plenty of scopes even for a fresher in this domain.

Web Programming / Web Design:

In a course on Web Designing and Web Development, the fundamentals of development, production, designing, and assessment of web applications. Web Developers will be taught to work on different programming languages and operating systems under strict deadlines. In the entry-level, a Bachelor’s degree with proper skill is enough to start with.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning:

More and more companies are now joining the AI and ML bandwagon, thus giving rise to these professionals’ demand in their infrastructure. Not only from the best software training institute in Durgapur, but you can take up online courses for this and grab a chance to land a hot job in the field. To take up a career in this domain, you need to have a good base of Mathematical, Statistical, and Analytical foundation backed by sharp programming skills.

Data Analytics:

Be it the BFSI, logistics, healthcare, or IT, Data Analytics is the forerunner in the industry today with the introduction of Big Data. Companies across every sector are utilizing the power of data. The best software training institute in Durgapur will be the right place to offer you a course in Data Analytics. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Statistics/Economics/Computer Science. Knowledge in the basic programming languages would be an added advantage for a career in Data Analytics.


To facilitate the speedy and seamless software products and services delivery, DevOps work to build the gap between the development and operations teams. The prominence of the Agile Technology of late has given a significant boost to the concept of DevOps. This time is also apt to look for a career in DevOps since it’s a hot trend in the industry now. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field is enough to pursue a career in this field.

UI/UX Framework Development:

User Experience and User Interface are two very important parts of the IT industry. When you have mastered skills in these domains, you have a fair chance to grab a smooth career in developing customer centric apps, which is the need of the hour. Right from the graphical design to the user interaction and feedback, a UI or UX designer is responsible for many things in between. Only an in-depth understanding of HTML, CSS 3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap is necessary to excel in this domain.

Database Administrator:

A software company runs based on numerous Databases. A skilled professional is required in every such company to maintain and keep the databases organized. Thus Database Administration is a core procedure in the field of software and computing. A DBA is responsible for the overall presentation, management, and integrity. A general degree in Computers is the minimum prerequisite for an entry-level career in this field.

Software Quality Testing Automation:

Before moving to the production stage, a software model needs to be tested on automated testing tools. This technique is referred to as Software Quality Testing Automation. SQT automation refers to the process of testing a whole software to make it operate seamlessly and more securely. This process helps in the improvement of the efficiency and efficacy of the entire software testing process. Through an SQT automation course, you will be able to master the usage of testing tools and gain an in-depth knowledge about the situations they are to be implemented in. Besides a formal degree in Computer Science or IT or any related field, the professional needs to be well-versed in the various automation tools to enter the industry.

Cyber Security:

More the demand for software is more is the issue of cybercrimes. The rise in cybercrimes in the industry has led to a huge need for cybersecurity for enterprises, both big and small. Companies spend a good amount in planning the Cybersecurity infrastructure to fight such risks. From this, you can understand how intricate and complex this field is, and thus it requires a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in either Cybersecurity or IT or any related field. Courses and certifications are available for beginners, and you can take them up to grow proficiency.

Augmented Analytics:

Augmented Analytics aims towards gaining necessary and valuable insights with the help of large datasets simplifying in a way that humans can understand. With the help of this, businesses reach fruitful data driven decision making. Once you can master the domain, you could be a valuable asset to your employer. A bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering/ Design/ Mathematics/ or Data Science can help you get entry to the field. From the above discussion you must have understood by now that this industry has no shortage of scope to flourish if you have the right skillsets in you. Register with the best software training institute in Durgapur and watch yourself excel in your career.

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